Event Information
DMAC Presents
9th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
Monday, April 22, 2013 through Saturday, April 27, 2013

Film Festival Fever hits NYC! April 22 - April 27, 2012. Join us at the OTHER Film festival....brought to you with no red carpets...no celebrity judges...just great films. Did we mention it's only $15?

Length: 1 hr 15 mins
Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Welcome to the 9th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival. No matter how sophisticated your home cinema is there is nothing else that rivals getting together with a group of strangers in a darkened space to experience the magic of film making. In today's attention-deficient world of YouTube, IMs, and blog posts, the short film has never been more relevant. The same can be said for the Annual NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, which attracts more submissions and a larger audience every year.

Showcasing some of the best short films being produced in America and internationally, the festival's line-up includes provocative dramas, clever comedies, edgy animation, and intriguing documentaries.

Michelangelo Alasa', the Artistic Director for the Duo Multicultural Arts Center, spoke of the festival's simplicity, stating that there are no corporate sponsorships, no red carpets or premieres. Without all these trappings, festival-goers are able to enjoy the succinct experience of what a film fest is all about.

You usually spend 2 hours and beau coup bucks to see a single movie. At each of our screenings you will see 4-5 beautifully crafted films, get to vote for one film that will receive the Audience Choice Award plus attend a complimentary cocktail reception with the film makers all for $15.00.

Our screening room is a charming and intimate turn of the century theater with wide aisles for viewing comfort. Each evening's programming will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. We are featuring some of the best short films being produced internationally as well as the work of established American actors and directors.

Monday April 22 8PM

Fictional Me, Fictional You (Gay/Lesbian) Directed by: Hannah Leshaw A self-conscious man escapes from his loneliness into an elaborate romantic fantasy about his neighbor.

Incoming Directed by: Mozhan Marno (Drama) A loner who has recently lost custody of her son meets an endearing stranger who likes to sunbathe in the parking lot beneath her balcony.

Moon Hooch - Tubes Directed by: Iemi Hernandez-Kim (Animation) Trippy music video.

DAWN Directed by: Stephanie Zari (Drama) UK Dawn is a psychological drama exploring the bond of triplets, broken at birth, that sends surviving siblings Jude and Maddison on an intimate quest to fill their sense of loss, grief and loneliness. On their 36th birthday, the missing link in their trinity lays just around the corner...

Tuesday April 23 8PM

It's Only Us Directed by: Michael Pantoja (Gay/Lesbian) Racial profiling. Heavy drinking. Insufficient hand soap. Just some of the hazards of gay dating in New York City.

The Tale of Paris Echo Gold Directed by: Deirdre Vertucci (Comedy) A snapshot of one woman's hilarious ride to infamy!

Impressions Directed by: Nicholas Judt (NYC Films) 'Impressions' is an abstract tour through one teenage boy's memories of growing up in New York City. The film follows this boy as he retraces key moments from his past in hope of once more reconnecting with his past self before progressing towards a future identity. In doing so, he also revisits the bittersweet memories of a relationship he had with a girl his age. As the film progresses, the lines between memory and current reality begin to blur, leaving the boy--as well as the viewer--in a state of intense experiential uncertainty and sorrow.

El Firulete Directed by: Carlos Algara (Latino) In 1950's Argentina, on any given night, a simple man meets the woman of his dreams in a bar. He will try the impossible to seduce her and, with a little bit of tango, he'll seek the words to express what nobody else confesses in their first encounter with love.

As We Like It Directed by: Paul Meschùh Austria (Drama) Emilia is pregnant, until recently she worked as a social worker. She gave up her job to take on the guardianship for a child with behavioral problems and to be able to give it as much attention as possible. As the problems with the foster child grow steadily, Emilia's idealism is put to the test as her own child could be threatened by the stranger. A story about instinct, idealism and the power of the misdirected viewpoint.

Wednesday April 24 8PM

Crossing the River Directed by: Emilie McDonald (Drama) Inspired by a true story, 'Crossing the River' is about a young white boy who is influenced to commit a hate crime against a biracial girl who is his friend. The film explores the points of view of both the victim and perpetrators, and seeks to reveal how someone can be influenced to do something morally unspeakable.

Unexpected Guest Directed by: Bradley Stryker (Drama)
An injured amnesiac woman is discovered by a reclusive mountain man in the remote wilderness, as she searches for answers, she quickly discovers her quest for lucidity comes at a price.

JUKE Directed by: Michele Remsen (Drama) A woman tries to buy a jukebox and gets juked.

Dirty Talk Directed by: Jeff Sumner (Gay/Lesbian) Nathan, a conservative English teacher, tells his best friend Zach about a one-night stand with a hot Latin man who loves to talk dirty in this short comedy.

REFUGIO 115 Directed by: Ivan Villamel Sanchez Spain (Drama) March 18, 1938. The population of Barcelona is devastated by the continued indiscriminate bombing of fascist aviation. Something unknown is hidden in the darkness of the refuge 115, hidden and waiting to take one by one people are hidden from external danger. Aina and Jordi try to find a loophole for all those people, before the outputs are closed.

Thursday April 25 8PM

Intersection Directed by: Julian Cornwell (Drama) INTERSECTION follows a young man as he treads through a romantic whirlwind he's unsure he's willing to endure. It addresses the fact that we as humans encounter opportunities for love--or anything else--on practically a daily basis, and that it's up to us to act on these moments. Musically driven, INTERSECTION induces a surreal angle to a universal notion: that love can be nerve wracking.

The Velvet Hammer Directed by: Joe Mensch (Drama) A steel worker falls for the girlfriend of a philandering Wall Street banker and enacts a devious scheme to win her over.

Rappin' For Godot Directed by: Stephen Blauweiss (Comedy) The elusive humorists Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine present the breakthrough play of Samuel Beckett, as it might be performed by a hapless pair of academic rappers. The entire three-hour play is condensed into four minutes of nonstop hip-hop, with no intermission.

Finding Dad Directed by: Milton Justice (Gay/Lesbian) Andy, happily settled into a long term relationship with his lover Hamp, is furious when seventeen year old Chris breaks into his home and takes a swim in his pool. Andy throws him out, only to have Hamp return a few minutes later with Chris in tow. When Andy demands to know what the hell Chris is doing back in their home, he is stunned to learn that Chris might be his son, a son he never even knew he had.

THREE HEARTS TO BEAT Directed by: Arthur Valverde (Drama) France At eighteen years old, Sarah is subject to a daily rhythm by the violence of his alcoholic father and the needs of Maxime, his autistic brother. She is happy only when she see Nicolas, her boyfriend, and when she reminds her childhood memories. When his father destroyed the world she has built to protecther brother, she takes her freedom and brings Maxime and Nicolas. Hairless, makeup like indians, they escape their life to get a new one.

Friday April 26 8PM

Una Notte Ancora Directed by: Giuseppe Bucci (Gay/Lesbian) Italy The end of a love story between a young boy and a man with many regrets, became the start of an obsession for the last one.

So it Goes Directed by: Rebecca Yarsin (New York City Films) An established photographer, Mel, reluctantly starts a relationship with a younger model, Ben. Ben charges forward into uncharted relationship territory with Mel, a real woman. A year later their relationship is tested when Ben gets set up by his publicist Perry, with a hot young performer who is DTF. The meeting brings out Ben's old lothario behaviors; which makes Ben feel unexpectedly terrible. He realizes he may be in love for the first time. Can Mel give Ben a chance to be an adult? Can she believe that he will choose her, choose love?

Montauk Directed by: John Madere (Documentary) Just 100 miles from New York City lies one of America's most unique small towns. It is a fishing village, a mecca for east coast surfers, and of late one of the hottest destinations for New York's chic crowd. The film reveals Montauk's past and present through the touching and often hilarious stories told by twenty of its most fascinating and sometimes eccentric inhabitants.

Sabbatical Directed by: Glenn Kiser (Gay/Lesbian) Sabbatical (n). 'A break or change from a normal routine.' but what if the normal routine is a healthy and loving relationship? In 'Sabbatical,' Phillip and Sam grapple with the concept of taking time apart from one another, and dealing with the consequences of coming back together after a mutually agreed-upon separation. Can a relationship, no matter how strong, survive that kind of independence? And does being apart strengthen bonds, or is it inevitably the first step in saying goodbye?

Saturday April 27 8PM

Dreaming American Directed by: Lee Percy (Drama) A young man, who escaped a dangerous past, fights to keep his dream alive and battles the harsh realities of New York City, but as success comes within reach finds himself up against an uncaring immigration system. Based on a true story, Dreaming American is sometimes humorous, sometimes sad but always a moving story of the struggle to make it in America.

Sugar Girl Directed by: Bruno Simoes (Drama) Sugar Girl tells the story of Sally, a young and independent London tour guide who decides to take a trip around the world. But when all the hard decisions have been made and she's just about to leave, she meets Tom, a young mime artist who happens to be looking for his missing dog, Scratchy. During her last days in the country, and with all the little things she still needs to sort out before leaving, Sally finds herself getting irrepressibly closer to Tom, against her better judgment. Confronted with what she wants the most when she least expects it, Sally is about to learn that love is full of choices.

Make A Wish Directed by: Hee Jin Kim (Animation) There is a girl who is not satisfied with her appearance. She visits a magician cat and asks for a way to make her breasts bigger. She pays the fee with her pet, a hamster. She has to choose between getting bigger breasts and saving her hamster.

FAR Directed by: Brian Crewe (Drama) David goes on a date with Hannah, a young woman, who isn't quite what she seems.

ANGELIQUE Directed by: Pascal Latil (Drama) France Angelique arrives in the family house without being expected for the weekend. Her brother is there with his new girl friend. Immediately there is a tension between the two girls.

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