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The Nightingale Bamford School Presents
Gilbert And Sullivan's Pirates Of Penzance
Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh far better to live and die under the brave black flag we fly! Come join the Pirates, Police and, the Major general Stanley for some glorious fun.

Length: 1 hr 10 mins
Intermission: Yes
Seating: Assigned by SmartTix
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When Frederic was a little boy, his nurse, Ruth, was told to apprentice him to a pilot. Not hearing correctly, Ruth apprenticed him to a band of pirates and in shame remained with them herself as a maid. Frederic served dutifully. As the curtain rises, Frederic’s indentures as a pirate are almost up and he is preparing to leave the band of pirates and devote himself to their extermination. A group of girls, wards of Major-General Stanley arrive to have a holiday. Mabel, one of the wards, and Frederic fall in love. The other maids are seized by the pirates and threatened with immediate marriage. When the Major General arrives, he frees the girls by lying to the pirates and indicating that he is an orphan so they will feel sorry for him. This lie troubles the Major General Stanley as he sits brooding among the gothic ruins of his ancestral home. He is consoled by his wards and Frederic’s plan to lead a band of police against the pirates. The Pirate King and Ruth come to tell Frederic that he was bound to piracy until his 21st birthday and since he was born on February 29th, leap year, that he is only 5 years of age. Frederic’s strong sense of duty compels him to rejoin the pirates. He tells them of the Major General’s deception and they vow revenge. They overpower the police and seize the Major General. The police charge the pirates to yield “in the name of Queen Victoria.” This they do. Ruth explains that the pirates are not really pirates but “noblemen who have gone wrong.” The Major General pardons them and permits them to marry his wards.

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