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DMAC Presents
9 NYC Downtown Short Film Festival - Audience Choice Screening
Thursday, January 31, 2013 through Saturday, February 02, 2013

Join us in choosing which films will be screened at the next NYC Downtown Short Film Festival in April 2013. We screen them...you vote...the top vote getters are screened at the Festival. A fun evening out for $10.....you can't go wrong.

Length: 1 hr 15 mins
Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Join us January 31 - February 2nd in choosing which films will be screened at the 9th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival. No matter how sophisticated your home cinema is there is nothing else that rivals getting together with a group of strangers in a darkened space to experience the magic of film making.

In today's attention-deficient world of YouTube, IMs, and blog posts, the short film has never been more relevant. The same can be said for the Annual NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, which attracts more submissions and a larger audience every year.

The NYCDSFF began 8 years ago with 12 submissions. Last year, 1,000's of films were submitted — so many that the Festival Committee began holding monthly Audience Choice Screenings, with the winning films earning a spot at this year's fest. Showcasing some of the best short films being produced in America and internationally, the festival's line-up includes provocative dramas, clever comedies, edgy animation, and intriguing documentaries.

At our Audience Choice screenings you will watch four to five short movies each night and will be given a ballot to rate each film. The highest rated films will be asked to be screened at our Festival April, 2013.

Michelangelo Alasa', the Artistic Director for the Duo Multicultural Arts Center, spoke of the festival's simplicity, stating that there are no corporate sponsorships, no red carpets or premieres. Without all these trappings, festival-goers are able to enjoy the succinct experience of what a film fest is all about.

You usually spend 2 hours and $15.00 to see a single movie. We give you 4-5 well crafted films for $10.00. Our screening room is a charming and intimate turn of the century theater with wide aisles for viewing comfort. Each evening's programming will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. We are featuring some of the best short films being produced internationally as well as the work of established American actors and directors.

The NYCDSFF has showcased the work of established actors and directors such as Glenn Close, Luke Matheny (this years Academy Award winning director for God of Love), Frederick Weller, Holland Taylor, Jesse L. Martin, Eric Roberts, Shelly Long, Linda Hunt, Jose Rivera, Ana Ortiz, Mark Margolis, Neil Flynn, G. Gordon Liddy, Nick Tate, Vincent Pastore, Robert Clohessy, Allen Enlow Blanche Baker, Eddie Murphy, Dan Butler, Robert Guthrie, Emily Deschanel, Melissa Joan Hart, Gary Marshall, Tony Tanner, Nick Tate, Vincent Pastore, Robert Clohessy, Allen Enlow, among many other talented directors and actors working in the industry today.

If available, Tickets are $15 at the box office.

Thursday January 31 8PM

Curveball Directed by: Jamaal Green Thomas and Tavis are fraternal twin brothers who must confront the disturbing truths about their relationship. They are as different as night and day as the older Tavis is strong, outgoing and handsome and the younger Thomas is more introspective and has low self esteem. The deep seeded tension between them threatens to rip them apart yet they are bound together by having no other living relatives. Love, loyalty and honesty are all tested when dark secrets of betrayal begin to surface forcing the brothers to finally confront their life long parasitic relationship.

The Tale of Paris Echo Gold Directed by: Deirdre Vertucci The Tale of Paris Echo Gold is a dark comedy which explores one woman's quest for power and identity in our fame obsessed culture. Paris is fast approaching her fortieth birthday on which she has promised to kill herself if she has not captured her fifteen minutes of fame. Paris finds the perfect vehicle to save her life, a new reality show called,'Wife,Mother and Ex-Beauty Queen'.

Una Notte Ancora Directed by: Giuseppe Bucci (Italy) Can be the end of a love story became an obsession?

EGGXPECTING Directed by: Natasha Hanina In this short, oddball comedy British comedienne Natasha Hanina takes you on a brief glimpse into the mind of Martha, who is expecting, and the visions are frightening! Three sperm candidates battle it out to see who can win Martha's heart and a place in her womb.

Friday February 1 8 PM

JUKE Directed by: Michele Remsen A woman tries to buy a jukebox and gets juked.

Growing Boy Directed by: Sean Gill Haunted by recurring nightmares of his childhood home, a man begins to undergo unsettling changes.

Moon Hooch - Tubes Directed by: Iemi Hernandez-Kim Trippy music video.

At Night Only Directed by: Derek Shane Garcia During the heat of the 2005 New York City Transit Strike Dave tries to contact his recent girlfriend, Louise who isn't answering his voice mails. Meanwhile Louise bumps into her ex boyfriend Billy when trying to find a taxi home, Dave meets a new girl Sarah at a bar.

February 2 8PM

THREE HEARTS TO BEAT Directed by: Arthur Valverde At eighteen years old, Sarah is subject to a daily rhythm by the violence of his alcoholic father and the needs of Maxime, his autistic brother. She is happy only when she see Nicolas, her boyfriend, and when she reminds her childhood memories. When his father destroyed the world she has built to protecther brother, she takes her freedom and brings Maxime and Nicolas. Hairless, makeup like indians, they escape their life to get a new one

Adjudication Directed by: Vincent DeLuca Daniel Fitzgibbons, a popular but mischievous student at a prestigious Catholic university, is summoned by Dean Malone to be interrogated about an alleged affair with Ms. Sevone, a young female professor. Fitzgibbons quickly turns the inquisition into a psychological chess match that threatens to reveal each man's hidden secrets in this 1950's period drama. Appearances can be deceiving, and deception will be critical if Daniel wants to save himself and his secret.

Courage Directed by: Michael Martinez Courage is a short film about a woman that is struggling with the effects of breast cancer.

Make A Wish Directed by: Hee Jin Kim Make a Wish is a short animation about a girl who is not satisfied with her appearance. She visits a magician cat and asks for a way to make her breasts bigger. She pays the fee with her pet, a hamster. The magician gives her a magic balloon. Her breasts gets bigger as the balloon gets blown up. She has to choose between getting bigger breasts and saving her hamster.

A Memory Directed by: Irina Varina On a summer night a man is waiting to reconnect with his past, but the past has different plans.

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