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Burnt House
What's buried when it snows comes to light when it thaws.
Venue: ( The Gene Frankel Theatre)
The Gene Frankel Theatre
Producer: ( August Strindberg Repertory Theatre, Inc)
August Strindberg Repertory Theatre, Inc
City: New York

Additional Notes:
When a man's house burns down, so do the layers of secrets and lies he's built his life on. Anyone could be the culprit, adultery, family criminal activity and old sibling rivalries emerge as the mystery unfolds. The fire started gossip, the gossip has widened into accusation and all that it rotten has come to light. In steps The Stranger (Strindberg himself) who will sort it all out. Coming home, you can run away from your problems, but you will have to face your demons.

Central Park Photo Walking Tour
Uncover the natural beauty of Central Park during this photo walking tour
Venue: ( ABT Central Park Photo Tour)
ABT Central Park Photo Tour
Producer: ( Allen Batista Travel, Inc.)
Allen Batista Travel, Inc.
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Grab your camera and get ready to capture the natural beauty of Central Park while taking tips from a professional photographer and Licensed Guide . You will be learning about the park's many sights. With 843 acres of pastoral beauty in the heart of the city, Central Park has so many photo ops you'd never find them all without a guide.You'll see The Mall, The Ramble, The Point, The Bow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain, The Literary Walk, Cherry Hill, The Lake, and vistas as far as the eye can see.And with your guides along, you'll know exactly what you're shooting and how best to shoot it.

Changing Trends in Cochlear Implantation Conference
ABOUT: The program will provide a comprehensive overview of the changing paradigm in cochlear implantation
Venue: ( Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf)
Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf
Producer: ( Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf)
Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf
City: Mill Neck

Additional Notes:
8:30 am - 4:30 pm // LEARNING OBJECTIVES: •• Will understand the indications for single sided deafness cochlear implantation and auditory brainstem implants in children.•• Be able to discuss current indications for pediatric cochlear implantation, factors affecting post-implantation performance and implications for the future.•• To gain understanding of the cochlear implant evaluation process, including surgical considerations.•• Be able to discuss potential uses of mobile applications for cochlear implant fitting and research.•• Will be able to describe the four phases of cochlear implant device programming and the differences between objective and behavioral programming methods.•• Define what neuropsychology is and how it can be useful in working with implanted children.•• Identify two areas of cognitive function, in addition to language.•• Identify red flags for future cognitive difficulties and understand when it may be appropriate to refer for further assessment.•• Describe strategies to assess differences in learning styles and developing appropriate therapeutic interventions.

LETTERS TO SALA by Arlene Hutton
A story that must be told... and heard!
Venue: ( TBG Theatre)
TBG Theatre
Producer: ( F.A.B. Women@TBG and The Journey Company)
F.A.B. Women@TBG and The Journey Company
City: New York

Additional Notes:
LETTERS TO SALA is the true story of Sala Garncarz, a young girl who was unwittingly caught up in the atrocity of war. She lived to share her story.As much as LETTERS TO SALA reflects the past and the atrocities of World War II, it is anchored in the present. We live through Salas story, simultaneously experiencing those memories and how they affect the lives of her family members today, even though they are two generations apart. The humanity and unique perspective of this play draw the audience in. It resonates with all ages.Based on the book SALAS GIFT which was written by Salas daughter, Ann Kirschner, LETTERS TO SALA (the play) is about the passing of a legacy, the unique dilemma of a woman who kept many dark secrets buried to protect her children and who, ultimately, realized that sharing them would constitute the deepest form of maternal kindness.Playwright Arlene Hutton and director Eric Nightingale have been working on the play, LETTERS TO SALA, for several years. With the blessing and help of Sala, Ann and the Kirschner family, the play will receive its much anticipated professional world premiere this fall in New York City.

Thomas Cole Historic House Guided Tour
Where American art was born
Venue: ( Thomas Cole National Historic Site)
Thomas Cole National Historic Site
Producer: ( Thomas Cole Historic House)
Thomas Cole Historic House
City: Catskill

Additional Notes:
Guided tours of the Main House and Old Studio begin on the hour. Tours last about 50 minutes, and are limited to approximately 12 people

5 records found