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Gallery Admissions
CJH and YUM admissions
Venue: ( Center for Jewish History)
Center for Jewish History
Producer: ( Center for Jewish History)
Center for Jewish History
City: New York

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Jay and Ruby Get Religion
Ruby's searching for Jesus.The best she can do is Jay.
Venue: ( Davenport Theatre)
Davenport Theatre
Producer: ( Joseph Hoover)
Joseph Hoover
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Jay and Ruby are two lost souls in New York looking for love, truth and the world's only Christian vampire.

john G Test
Venue: ( G Star Studios)
G Star Studios
Producer: ( john meek)
john meek
City: West Palm Beach

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Monday, May 02, 2016
What evil lurks in the hearts of men? Shakespeare knows....
Venue: ( Greenwich House Music School)
Greenwich House Music School
Producer: ( Frog & Peach)
Frog & Peach
City: New York

Additional Notes:
A Gala Reading Celebrating Frog & Peach Theatre honoring Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer.

Starring Judith Ivey (The Audience, The Devil's Advocate), Zach Grenier (The Good Wife, Deadwood), Peter Gerety (Mercy Street, The Wire), Austin Pendleton (Straight White Men), and Maggie Braine reading from Shakespeare's darkest, most hard-boiled plays.

At the elegant Greenwich House School of Music, 46 Barrow St, in the West Village.

Shakespeare? Yeah, I remember Shakespeare--wrote like a dream, had a few friends, made a few enemies.

With Shakespeare, the dames are always knockouts, and the grifters mix with the gumshoes--sometimes in high places. Sometimes the job shakes out fair, but sometimes the Right Guy gets the Big House--or the Big Sleep.

Pretty gaudy patter--not kids' stuff, but beautiful.

Feast your eyes and ears with Frog & Peach--they're putting on a nice spread all of us In-The-Know types. There will be food, booze, and some of Shakespeare's nearest & dearest to help while the night away --but keep it on the QT.

We don't want nobody dropping no dime.

Open Bar
Light Buffet

4 records found