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" a kind shot "
I said “Girls play basketball?” Ike said, “Yeah!…but you got wimpy wrists.” Then he showed me how to crunch up the New York Times to develop my strength.
Venue: ( Davenport Theatre)
Davenport Theatre
Producer: ( Terri Mateer)
Terri Mateer
City: New York

Additional Notes:
In a kind shot , Mateer dribbles a ball while telling the story of her life…beginning with how an African American boarder named Ike, taught a 61” sixth grade Mateer to play basketball. It's an uplifting, honest, no-holds-barred personal account that chronicles her years as a professional basketball player, aspiring architect and model.

A Midsummer Nights Dream
Meet Helena & Hermia, two teenagers addicted and dependent on social media. When life and love get too tough they run to their safe haven in Central Park. Amongst the magic enchantment of the forest and its creatures they discover the power of love and friendship.
Venue: ( The Celebration Of Whimsy/The C.O.W.)
The Celebration Of Whimsy/The C.O.W.
Producer: ( The New Acting Company)
The New Acting Company
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Tired of seeing the same old version of the classic story reproduced time and time again with the same costumes, characters, and interpretation? After 15 years of reputable and critically acclaimed professional productions, The New Acting Company is changing the face of “Theater For All Ages” once again! Join your favorite and timeless characters Helena, Hermia, Puck, Oberon, Titania, Bottom, Flute and Quince all with refreshing new twists. Re-Imagine, Re-Envision & Re-Discover A Midsummers Nights Dream with this modern adaption that shows us “Lord what fools these mortals be.”The Production Stars; Andrea Alton, Sha James Beamon, Matt Bloch, Madeline Calandrillo, Lily Davis, James Leaf and Introducing; Eloise Esseks and Anne-Sophie Vandenberk.

Alive! 55+ and Kickin'
Saturday, April 11, 2015 through Saturday, August 08, 2015
ALIVE! is a celebration of a generation in song, featuring a full company of performers age 55 and over who prove that we can live and thrive at any age.
Venue: ( Oberia Dempsey Center)
Oberia Dempsey Center
Producer: ( Mama Foundation for the Arts)
Mama Foundation for the Arts
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Featured on CBS 60 Minutes in 2015, ALIVE! is about healing and the transformative power of story and song. The cast is comprised of everyday people ages 55 and over, from all walks of life, and represents everyone from hard working mothers to Grammy Award-winning artists. ALIVE! features a unique blend of gospel, jazz, R&B and pop music – songs that served as a soundtrack for this generation. Through the music and through authentic stories and testimonies, ALIVE! tells how it used to be, and how life could be going forward. Proving that it’s never too late to live a dream, this cast is ALIVE! . . . and kickin.’

All Gone West
NYC in the 1950s. The dreams, the jazz, the love, the disappointments and the victories.
Venue: ( Teatro Circulo)
Teatro Circulo
Producer: ( Jonathan Fluck)
Jonathan Fluck
City: New York

Additional Notes:
New York City in the 50's: an Army vet, in love with a secretary at CCNY, would win her by setting up a jazz club on Ninth Avenue with the help of a black saxophonist he has befriended in the service and a couple of low-lives he has met along the way. A play of dreams dashed and fulfilled; love denied and embraced. Written by John Attanas, directed by Jonathan Fluck of IRT Theatre.

An Evening With New Chamber Ballet
New ballets to live music in an informal setting.
Venue: ( City Center Studios)
City Center Studios
Producer: ( New Chamber Ballet)
New Chamber Ballet
City: NYC

Additional Notes:
New Chamber Ballet's 2014/15 season continues with a program of four ballets with live music on violin and piano:A World Premiere by Miro Magloire, to music by Tristan Murail.A new work by resident choreographer Constantine Baecher, to piano sonatas by Mozart.The revival of Magloire's Moments, a duet for a violinist and a dancer to music by Salvatore Sciarrino.Entangled, a quartet set to Paganini's show-stopping violin Caprices.Performers include Sarah Atkins, Elizabeth Brown, Traci Finch and Amber Neff. The music will be played live by Doori Na (violin) and Melody Fader (piano).It's heartening to see work so focused on the meeting of dance and music. -Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times

Art Of Murder
2000 Edgar Award Winner for Best Mystery Play
Venue: ( The Nutley Little Theatre)
The Nutley Little Theatre
Producer: ( Nutley Little Theatre)
Nutley Little Theatre
City: Nutley

Additional Notes:
From the author of Over the River and Through the Woods and I Love You, Youre Perfect, Now Change, this play won the 2000 Edgar Award for Best Mystery Play. “Hilarious, suspenseful, surprising and dazzling in every way,” one critic said. DiPietros blend of comedy with his acute appreciation of the mystery genre will keep you guessing and laughing at every turn.

Becoming Michelangelo: Confessions of a Cuban Sex Addict
Saturday, October 04, 2014 through Saturday, June 27, 2015
Becoming Michelangelo:Confessions of a Cuban Sex Addict returns April 4 - June 27, 2015.
Venue: ( Duo Theatre)
Duo Theatre
Producer: ( DMAC)
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The true story of Michelangelo, ex-rent boy, artist and sexual outlaw told with wit, heart, humor and stunning visuals. Becoming Michelangelo: Confessions of a Cuban Sex Addict, written and designed by Michelangelo Alasa', is a walk through, theater piece/art installation filled with video, found objects and words which takes place on two floors at DMAC. Grab a complimentary glass of wine and follow Alasa' through the House of Terror of his childhood into his magical "safe place" filled with images and found objects. Seated, within this sacred place, Alasa' shares his personal journey with you. "From the age of three until the age of six I enjoyed a rather delightful sexual relationship with my father....I wish it had not happened as it sexualized me a such a young age and robbed me of my childhood". Cathartic in nature, Confessions reminds you of your own deepest secrets, darkest longings, and biggest triumphs. Saturdays through June 27 at 8PM Adult material. Please consider making a donation to the theater.

Central Park Photo Walking Tour
Uncover the natural beauty of Central Park during this photo walking tour
Venue: ( ABT Central Park Photo Tour)
ABT Central Park Photo Tour
Producer: ( Allen Batista Travel, Inc.)
Allen Batista Travel, Inc.
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Grab your camera and get ready to capture the natural beauty of Central Park while taking tips from a professional photographer and Licensed Guide . You will be learning about the park's many sights. With 843 acres of pastoral beauty in the heart of the city, Central Park has so many photo ops you'd never find them all without a guide.You'll see The Mall, The Ramble, The Point, The Bow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain, The Literary Walk, Cherry Hill, The Lake, and vistas as far as the eye can see.And with your guides along, you'll know exactly what you're shooting and how best to shoot it.


Venue: ( The Arctic Playhouse)
The Arctic Playhouse
Producer: ( The Arctic Playhouse)
The Arctic Playhouse
City: West Warwick

Additional Notes:
“Co-Creator” is the story of Bill Finger, the uncredited co-creator of Batman. Finger helped create one of the most popular modern myths with Batman, as well as the Joker, Robin, Gotham City and many others. He died poor and alone, never receiving the recognition he deserved. This is his story.

Comida de Puta (F%&king Lousy Food)
Sex, magic, and spoken-word ignite this erotic gothic gritty tale of Phaedra in the Bronx
Venue: ( Church of St Paul & St Andrew)
Church of St Paul & St Andrew
Producer: ( MultiStages Theatre Inc.)
MultiStages Theatre Inc.
City: NYC

Additional Notes:
Sex, magic, and spoken-word poetry illuminate this dark erotic tale of Phaedra on the gritty streets of the Bronx. A bodega owners new wife becomes strangely obsessed with her husbands son, the lunch counter boy. Driven by lust, she invokes the vengeful power of the Santeria Gods who set off a vicious chain of events that no one can stop

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