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Baring/Bearing It All
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Baring/Bearing It All (Listen To The Language Between the Landscape and The Art.) is Michelangelo Alasa' part walk through/mostly sit down theatrical art installation with video, found objects and words which takes place on three floors at DMAC. Within these sacred places, Michelangelo shares his personal journey, his deepest secrets, darkest longings, and biggest triumphs.
Michelangelo Alasa' curated theatrical experience with paintings, video and complimentary desserts and drinks.

After an introduction in the DMAC theater you will go to the second floor where there is a recreation of Gertrude Stein's Paris Salon with iconic paintings from her collection. Color, light, harmony and balance come to life before your eyes. There you will be served yummy desserts inspired from the cook book of Ms. Stein's lover Alice B. Toklas.

You then move to the third floor to an immersive, contemplative installation spiritual and reflective in nature. To help the process along, the group is served a cup of Enlightenment tea. All is well with the world again. Each evening will be limited to 15 audience members. Intimate, thought provoking and fun. Due to adult themes no one under 18 years old.
Categories: Arts and Exhibitions- Misc,Culturally Specific,Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans Issues,Multi Media
Running time:    
Intermission(s): No
Price: $10.00
Seating: General Admission    
Capacity: 80