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A World Premiere Play By Michael Patrick Flanagan Smith & Ben Forstenzer Starring Brendan Hines
Following his acclaimed 2011 show “Woody Guthrie Dreams”, Michael Patrick Flanagan Smith returns to Theater for the New City with the explosive World Premiere of Histrionics. Framed through the contemporary scope of a bookish high school history teacher, Smith and long time writing partner, Ben Forstenzer, get up close and personal with James Buchanan, largely considered to be the worst president in American history. Histrionics is a one-man show, starring Amazon’s The Tick star, Brendan Hines. This fall, he returns to the stage to play a high school history teacher who makes a series of terrible decisions involving students and firearms. Instead of taking proper action, he makes excuses and mounts a rousing defense of James Buchanan. In the mid 1850's, during Buchanan’s presidency, The United States of America was a mess of internal turmoil; lines were drawn, and the country was divided. Instead of taking action, Buchanan faltered, and the country erupted in civil war. In this one act play, we look at the past, consider it in relationship to the present, and examine the ways in which actions today can have great repercussions in the future.
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Price: $15.00
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Capacity: 60