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Scraps from a Crazy Quilt
Nov 09, 2017
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The Theater for the New City is pleased to present Walter Corwin’s SCRAPS FOR A CRAZY QUILT a kaleidoscope of New York characters and scenarios from the not-too-distant dystopian future of America, a dystopia that is already upon us. Referencing Brecht’s groundbreaking work The Private Life of the Master Race, which was produced in 1938 in Paris, Corwin’s SCRAPS FOR A CRAZY QUILT is a cautionary series of playlets, most of which sardonically illustrate a particular ill facing our nation, from healthcare, to freedom of expression, to the deterioration of education and the rise of social media. Sarah Germain Lilly, T. Scott Lilly, Juan Villegas, and Dan Kelley personify these crises, performing in the roles of proletarians, presidents and college professors as they cycle through the chain of events spawned by the increasingly dark cloud spreading over American democracy. As more and more Trump Towers spring up and throw Corwin’s city into perpetual shade, and the Statue of Liberty is literally dismembered by grumpy workmen, there is a bit of room for redemption through individual acts of kindness. Still, the accuracy of Brecht’s foreboding instinct inevitably plays on the viewer’s minds, as is Corwin’s intention, and his warning. Walter Corwin has been presenting his surreal comedies at the Theater for the New City for many years. He was a protegé of the playwright Ed Bullins and a veteran of the Actors Studio and Herbert Bergof Studio. Corwin’s plays have been produced at LaMama and The Public Theater. Director Dan Kelley is a member of the Theater for the New City based comedy troupe Wise Guise and directed Corwin’s last presentation Laughter After Midnight a dark comedy about the first woman president performed during the election of 2016.
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Running time: 1:30    
Intermission(s): Yes
Price: $10.00
Seating: General Admission    
Capacity: 40