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From Brooklyn to Beirut
A Film by Rola Khayyat
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Premiere Film Screening and Discussion
What is the fate of artifacts and architecture left behind by a people in flux? A lamentation; a funeral dirge for a city wounded but still living. This film explores the landscape of belonging of the community of Lebanese Jews in New York, as well as the fragilities, and complexities of a politicized identity. The history of the Lebanese Jews dates back to 1,000 BCE. After the creation of the state of Israel, and the onset of the Israeli-Arab Wars, Lebanese Jews began to emigrate, and settle abroad in countries such as France, Israel, Brazil and the U.S. They have formed vibrant, dynamic communities where Lebanese traditions and values are maintained, Arabic language, music, and cinema are used and celebrated, and where memories of Lebanon, are constantly recalled and shared.

This event was originally scheduled for November 9. If you purchased tickets for that date, they will be honored on December 14.
Categories: Documentary
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Running time: 2:0    
Intermission(s): No
Price: $5.00 - $10.00
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Capacity: 247