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All About Power (Cubans in the White House)
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Wait til you meet the Garcias...they're rich...they're gauche...they're Cuban and they just moved into the White House. It is no longer...white. Get over it!
It is 2020. The President has been impeached. The Chief Strategist has been institutionalized. Gay Cuban-American, Pepito Garcia gets elected President in a landslide. Those social climbing Garcias, titans of the chorizo - escort and art forgery business have finally arrived. Viva America! You loved them in All About Meat...You cheered them in All About come applaud their chutzpah in All About Power.....a hilarious over the top new comedy. With Michelangelo Alasa, Aaron Lee Battle, Gabe Calleja, Lex Christie, Marcus Jahn, Antonio Minino, Nicholas Robert Ortiz and Samantha Turret.
Categories: Comedy
Running time: 2:0    
Intermission(s): No
Price: $20.00
Seating: General Admission    
Capacity: 80