12th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
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No Celebrity red carpets...just great films.
Join us June 8 - 11, 2016 at the 12th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival. There is nothing else that rivals getting together with a group of strangers in a darkened space to experience the magic of film making.

Wednesday June 8 8 PM
I Don't Believe In That Directed by Guy Oliveri Gay&Lesbian USA
Zoe Directed by ChiHyun Lee Animation Korea
The Cat Callers Directed by Molly Kelleher Comedy
Life of Zili Directed by Cheng Zhang Documentary USA
Vandals Directed by Felipe Vara de Rey Drama USA
Jewish Blind Date Directed by Anaelle Morf Comedy Switzerland

Thursday June 9 8 PM
City of Dreams Directed by Paola Bernardini Italy Drama
Sucklepump Directed by Jono Freedix Comedy USA
Silence of the Siren Directed by Liz McQuaid Martin Animation USA
Alzheimer's: A Love Story Directed by Gabe Schimmel Gay&Lesbian USA
Fish Directed by Andrew Ruiz Comedy USA

Friday June 10 8 PM
Squeeze Directed by Jamie Kirkpatrick Drama USA
This Ain't Disneyland Directed by Faiyaz Jafri Animation Hong Kong
Without Directed by Paola Sinisgalli Drama Italy
The Song of Wandering Aengus Directed by Matthew Lawes Animation UK

Saturday June 11 8PM
Machista-Male Chauvanist Directed by William Rosario Comedy USA
Rupee Run Directed by Tarun Lakshminarayanan Animation USA
Mai Directed by Giulio Poidomani Drama Italy
Cuerdas Directed by Pedro Solís García Animation Spain

More films to be announced.
Categories: Art,Comedy,Documentary,Drama,Film/Cinema
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Running time: 1:50    
Intermission(s): No
Price: $10.00
Seating: General Admission    
Capacity: 80