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Theater for the New City Presents
Scratch Night At Tnc
Monday, December 17, 2012

TNC's Works In Progress Program!

Length: 1 hr 30 mins
Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

An Estonian Play
by Kimberly Pau

An Estonian Play is a piece that is very close to my heart. It is the story of my grandmother and her family escaping the Russian occupation of Estonia in 1940. I believe that this story shares an important perspective that is often overlooked in American art and culture, that of the occupation of the Baltic States and Finland during WWII. Thematically, An Estonian Play is about the immigrant experience, which I think is essential to the American perspective. It investigates the concept of ‘homeland’ and what happens to those who leave their home versus those who stay. It is a fable and a love story. FREDERICK PAU is a father of two daughters, NOONE, 13 and DAGI , 9, whose mother died of tuberculosis seven years prior. Frederick is a naval captain and a linguist, speaking five languages, which makes him valuable enough to the Russian army to have kept him alive thus far. IMANUEL PAU is Frederick’s brother and a playwright, who has an idea to save Frederick, Noone and Dagi by escaping into Germany by way of a German stepmother. Imanuel’s friend MAGDA is a librarian and self-proclaimed “old maid.” She wants to help Frederick but fears the judgment of her older sister ELDA and anyway she is in love with Imanuel. Magda and Frederick must decide whether they should escape their homeland, leaving behind their brother and sister respectively or if they should stay and risk losing everything, including possibly, their lives.

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