Event Information
The Stolen Chair Theatre Company Presents
Pirates, Patriots, Patricides
Tuesday, April 29, 2008 through Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Evenings of short works inspired by ancient Greece, the American Revolution, and pirates!

Length: 1 hr 00 mins
Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

To celebrate the opening of The Accidental Patriot: The Lamentable Tragedy of the Pirate Desmond Connelly, Irish by Birth, English by Blood, and American by Inclination, Stolen Chair presents several evenings of short works of theatre inspired by our play's themes and styles.

***All performances at 8pm at the Milagro Theatre @ 107 Suffolk Street (Map)***

April 29th:


The Adventures of Blackie Nobeard

Audience of Two

April 30th:


Dunmore Bad and Good

Waiting Room

May 6th:

Dunmore Bad and Good


The Maestrosities

May 7:

The Lunar Adventure of Dar and Matey, Estuary Pirates, Episode 2: Danger in 1/6 Gravity!

The Cutthroat and the Englishboy
The Adventures of Blackie Nobeard

May 14:


The Lunar Adventure of Dar and Matey, Estuary Pirates, Episode 2: Danger in 1/6 Gravity!

Waiting Room

The Adventures of Blackie Nobeard

by James & Becky Comtois

directed by Matt Johnston

Featuring Rebecca Comtois and Brian Silliman

Nosedive Productions presents an episode of the long-lost late-80s, early-90s sitcom "The Adventures of Blackie Nobeard," about that lovable yet incorrigible female pirate, Blackie herself, and the ridiculous scrapes she gets herself into. Well, okay; the only episode we could uncover has been a "Clip Show."

Audience of Two:

Audience of Two is a comedy ensemble comprised of four idiots named
Gerrit Hall, Mac Carlson, Ben Masten, and Sam Dingman. They have

fooled such publications as the Chicago Sun-Times, Slate, and the
online edition of FHM into propagating their lunacy, and they are
grateful to Stolen Chair for this opportunity to further subject
America to the Revolution.

The Cutthroat andthe Englishboy

Written and directed by Liz Thaler

Featuring John Cusick, Sarah Elmaleh, Colin Kindley, Chris Krovatin, and Maddy Thaler

A tale of women pirates and the men who loved them, The Cutthroat and the English Boy finds Anne Bonny, Golden Age marauder, in prison and sentenced to be hanged. Now she must sort out her future, while grappling with her past.

Dunmore Bad and Good

by Cindy Pierre

Directed by Lanie Zipoy

Featuring Cheryl Davis, Canara Price, and Weez Tomlinson

What do Michelle Obama, Lani Guinier, and a slave from the American Revolution era have in common? Well, they're the triple threat on Barack Obama's presidential campaign, that's what! But are they volunteers or hostages? Watch and learn.

The Lunar Adventure of Dar and Matey, Estuary Pirates, Episode 2: Danger in 1/6 Gravity!

by L. Pontius

Directed by Emily Otto

Adventure! Daring! Romance! Pirates Dar and Matey find themselves transported to the moon! The only way back is to help the King of the Moon Kuna Luna save his beautiful daughter from the Terrible Titan of the Moon Tim!

The Maestrosities: The Coolest Band Ever: More information coming soon...


Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble

soundpaintingSOPHOCLES is a set of improvised inter-disciplinary compositions for instrumentalists and actors. The composition uses different scenes from Antigone as points of departure. The performance features an on-stage conductor who sculpts the improvisation through a complex sign language called Soundpainting. World-class musicians and actors respond to the conductor's gestures by shaping their improvisation as signed. Musicians might jump from an up-tempo swing-feel to a splatter of pointillistic sound, as actors, tangled in a conflict, suddenly reveal their whirring interiors through a set of repetitive actions. The result is a three dimensional aural collage that up-ends expectation and blurs the boundaries between music and theater.

Featuring Donna Bouthillier as Ismene, Brian Duguay as Creon and Nicole Poole as Antigone; Musicians: Bob Bowen (bass), Michel Gentile (flute) and Rob Henke (trumpet) with Leese Walker conducting.


by Ron Nicholson

Directed by Ron Nicholson

Stage Managed by Courtney Connolly

Featuring Amber Adeline Brown, Lara Ianni, Justin Lauro, Brian Lynch, Col. Tim Montoya, and Ian Roettger

Sassy servants, Sons (and Daughters!) of Liberty, and prudish ghosts face off against miserly Loyalists and mercenary Privateers in a truly "revolutionary" Commedia dell'arte! Complete with all the swashbuckling swordplay, romantic intrigue, and erotic lithographs a heart could desire!

Waiting Room

Messenger Theatre Company

Written by Emily Davis

Two normal teens wait for their parents outside a single parent support group. They’re just your average, ordinary teens – oh, except for one’s mother is the Goddess of the Earth and the other’s dad invented, like, everything, like wings and labyrinths and stuff.


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