Event Information
John Chatterton Presents
Where Eagles Dare One-page Play Festival
Saturday, March 21, 2009 through Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zero to Sixty in One Page

Length: 1 hr 30 mins
Intermission: Yes
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Good things come in small packages. Approximately 40 playwrights squeeze them into VERY small packages.

Saturday, March 21, 8 pm:
Adam Samtur, "Free For All": When two shoppers arrive at the last "Tickle Me Elmo" in the store, nobody wins. Except Capitalism. Directed by Adam Samtur; with Matthew Cohn, Jacey Heldrich, and Caroline Patterson.
Don Carter, "Audience": Oh my God! Can anything REALLY HAPPEN in this little time?
Duncan Pflaster, "Men in Towels": Three men in a steam room debate its merits. Directed by Duncan Pflaster; with Paul Bellantoni, J. Stephen Brantley, and Doug Rossi.
Duncan Pflaster, "Say Something Shocking: The Spit-Take Play": Directed by Duncan Pflaster; with Paul Bellantoni and Kelly Nichols.
Gabrielle Fox, "Seat Taken": A man's quest for quiet in a New York City Starbucks. Directed by Gabrielle Fox; with Margie Ferris and Sean Hopkins.
Geoffrey Scheer, "The Ritual": A quick glance into the lives of those who dare to work in one of the theater world's most perilous occupations. Directed by Geoffrey Scheer; with Brooke Wilson and Peter Macklin.
Jan Fingland, "Opposite Ends": Just a woman's observation on the subway. Directed by Jan Fingland; with Mary Wilson.
John Schoneboom, "The Beginning, Middle, and End of Rico": The complete rise and fall of a Depression-era gangster. Directed by John Schoneboom; with Paul Mazza and John Schoneboom.
Lyn Coffin, "The Tomcat": “Crime and Punishment” meets “Cats.” Directed by Mike Smith Rivera. With Kelly Anne Burns, Lyn Coffin, and Mike Smith Rivera.
Lyn Coffin, "The Museum of the Future": The far-sighted swim in irony-infested waters. Directed by Bruce Colbert; with Bruce Colbert and Guito Wingfield.
Molly Thomas, "Enter Lola": Existential crises beware! Directed by Kel Haney; with Erin Roberts.
Molly Thomas, "Flood": One woman, one raft, no water.... Directed by Tlaloc Rivas; with Molly Thomas.
Tim Browne, "The Decimator": A coming out story like no other. Directed by Timothy Charles Browne; with Will Montolio and Eric C. Webb.

Sunday, March 22, 7 pm:
Ashley Audette, "Pretty Yellow Dresses": Sunshine doesn't always shine in rays of gold. Directed by Ashley Audette; with Jacqueline Clydesdale, Marissa Rosano and James Rosano.
David Dudley, "Culebra": Find out what happens when a convict who's killed one of his own gets thrown to the snakes. Directed by Cedric Hill.
David Ian Lee, "Grace": No prayer goes unanswered. Directed by David Ian Lee; with James Edward Becton, Jason Green, Micah Chartrand, and Angela Funk.
David Ian Lee, "Sweet Surrender": Restraint, meet Desire.... Directed by David Ian Lee; with Micah Chartrand and Angela Funk.
Erica Livingston, "Was, Should Be, and Is: A Progression for Love": In honor of the love of a parent.... Directed by Erica Livingston. With Erica Livingston.
Jake Lipman, "Arrivals": Two old friends. An ex. A bottle of wine. What could possibly go wrong? Directed by Merete Muenter; with Jake Lipman, Bronwen Prosser, and Brian W. Seibert.
Janis Butler Holm, "Abduction, Again": A woman reflects on getting carried away. Directed by Stephen Wisker; with Jessica Charys Tanner.
Janis Butler Holm, "If Paris Hilton Wrote Poetry": A celebutante turns bardic. Directed by Stephen Wisker; with Lindsay Tanner.
Lisa Bernier, "Pancakes": Two men, one skill, one food. Directed by Arnold Rodriguez; with Jamie Maloney, Alex Decaneas, Arnold Rodriguez, and Anne Carlton.
Lyn Coffin, "The Box": Liebestraum by the Waters of Babylon. Directed by Bruce Colbert; with Maite Bonilla.
Lyn Coffin, "The Seabird": Avian Satori. Directed by Lyn Coffin; with Mike Smith Rivera &Kelly Anne Barnes.
Matheus Andrade, "Why Stress?"
Michael L. Cooper, "The Great Space Mountain": Claustrophobia. Stuck Elevator. Happiest Place On Earth. Directed by Rachel Klein; with Cavan Hallman. With Jillaine Gill as the Voice of "Doug"; sound design by Sean Gill.
Mike Schwartz, "The Man Who Didn't Want to Be There": Have you ever wanted to get away from it all? Kathleen Kerns & Michael Schwartz
Scott Barnhardt, "Architect Guy": Two gays, two coffees and a tale of dating "Mr. Right." Directed by Amy Fitts.
Simcha Borenstein, "Ooops!": The worst fears of our judicial system. Directed by Simcha Borenstein; with Carlo Fiorletta and Simcha Borenstein.
Spencer R. Soloway, "Bad Date": In a world not unlike our own, a blind date goes horribly awry. Directed by Nathaniel Root; with Mark Spatt.
Steve Capra, "An Address at the Cairo Museum": The Boy King. Directed by Steve Capra; with Candice Fortin.
Terra Vetter, "To Have Not to Hold": What happens when it's more than just "cold feet"? Directed by Molly Marinik; with Julie Feltman and Brad Engle
Tracy Shar and Haynes Thigpen, "690 AM": A radio station takes a toll on an otherwise happy couple. Directed by Daniel Talbott; with Tracy Shar and Haynes Thigpen.

How many people in your party need a wheel chair seat?

This event is general admission and no seating is assigned at this time. You will choose your seats when you arrive at the venue. Please view the 'More info' link to view if the venue is ADA Complaint.