Event Information
John Chatterton Presents
Where Eagles Dare One-page Play Festival
Saturday, February 21, 2009 through Sunday, February 22, 2009

Zero to Sixty in One Page

Length: 1 hr 30 mins
Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Good things come in small packages -- 40-odd playwrights have a go at squeezing a play into an extremely small package.

Sat. Feb. 21, 8 pm (in alphabetical order by author):
David-Matthew Barnes, "Taking Off": If the plane just went down and there are no survivors, why is Mrs. Whitmore so happy? Directed by Rolando Ramos. Starring Selena Ambush and Maria Canela
Alberto Bonilla, "1800Mexican": When your ethnic reputation is on the line... call 1-800 Mexican. Directed by Evan Mueller. With: Rand Guerrero and Nalini Sharma.
Carolyn M. Brown, "Baby Mama Drama": Proposition 8 was just the beginning. Picture the impact of a moral legislative ban on public assistance to unwed mothers. Directed by Carolyn M. Brown. Starring Nicole Rose and Yixi Villar.
Derek de Koff, "Evenings With Mrs. Dunspin": A regal society maven delightedly espouses her personal meditations on Native American culture over the course of three Sunday night at-homes. Directed by Derek de Koff. Starring Madeleine Eayrs & Lucio Castro.
David Dudley, "Hear Me": When a rising star's work is greeted with dismay, she responds by allowing us to hear her true voice. Directed by Joe Marshall.
Kelly DuMar, "Your Dream of Me": A performance artist considers the roles she's willing to play in other people's dreams. Starring Sara Hatfield.
C.J. Ehrlich, "Four Epics and a Critic": "Captain, we're gonna need a bigger play!" Directed by Lori Kee. Cast: Jonathan Alexandratos, Ann Farthing, Matt Harvey, Michael Selkirk, Phoebe Summersquash and Reagan Wilson
C.J. Ehrlich, "The Things They Don't Tell Us": Can a spy in the dark come in from the cold? Directed by Lori Kee. Starring Ann Farthing and Michael Selkirk.
Jena Tesse Fox, "Over": Jane is finally over her ex-boyfriend, but a startling revelation will make her reexamine her emotions. Directed by Jena Tesse Fox. With Kelly Nichols and Patricia Comstock.
Ed Friedman, "Can I Help You?": Service with a smile. With Yvonne Armstrong and Ben Spierman.
Mara Lesemann, "The Bad Decade Trade": If everyone knew what this guy knew, would there be no need for bailouts? Directed by Mara Lesemann. Starring Deb Klaar, Carlo Fiorletta, and Laura Thies.
Helene Macaulay "The Urquharts": Familiarity breeds contempt.
Chuck Orsland, "If You See Something…": When doing the right thing can be harmful to your health. Directed by Gary Filsinger. With Josh Alscher, Tony White, & Marcus Tavarez.
Duncan Pflaster, "Your Favorite Things": A favorite "Christmas" song is cynically dissected. Patricia Comstock, Carlos Rafael Fernandez, & Sam Rosenberg.
Adam Samtur, "Do I do?": After Lucy mistakes her soon-to-be-husband for her lover at the altar, Lester must decide whether or not he is willing to say "I Do" to his adulterous fiance...and he has to do it by the end of the page. Directed by Adam Samtur. With Matthew Kagen, Stephanie Wortel, & P. Case Aiken III.
Bara Swain, "Safety Pin": A piece of steel and steel blue eyes. With Catherine Siracusa
Jessica Faith Swain, "Good Morning, Suicide": with Amanda Dieli
Rob Urbinati, "Niggardly": A woman is having trouble with her neighbors - lots of trouble! Directed by Rob Urbinati. Starring Adrianna Dufay.
Franco Vitella, "The Quiet Present": A mute young man's only friend is a corpse...until he finds a way to mess that up. Directed by Robert Glowacki. With Will Luchin & Lauren Rich.
Kathleen Warnock, "True Story": A bartender and a playwright (who's always depended on the kindness of strangers). Directed by Kathleen Warnock. With Chris Weikel & Duncan Pflaster.
D.E. Womack, "Good News": A dramatic comedy about good news with bad timing! Directed by D.E. Womack. With Kiann'e Muschett, Stephanie Parrott, & Clinton Lowe.

Sun., Feb. 22, 2 pm:
Jenny Beres, "For The Listening Impaired": A play on what to say when nobody's listening. Directed by Sage Hall.
Alberto Bonilla, "Tough Times": Can Heaven help us? Directed by Evan Mueller. With Chris Hayes & Holly Kay Roberts.
Yvonne Delet, "Make Me Whole": Lusting for someone is like waiting for the bus, if you let one go there's always another one right behind it. Directed by Peter Michael Marino. Starring Yasmine Beverly Rana and Adam Shuty.
Holley Egloff, "Bad Bunny": A sobering moment. Directed by Jeremy Bloom. With Ari Rosen & Jeremy Wimmer.
Libby Emmons, "The Leash": A brother and sister take their old dog for a walk, but where three set out, only two will return. Directed by David Marcus. With Anne Fidler & Luis Vega.
Roi “Bubi” Escudero, "Fast Food": Not even the touch of Midas can save this economy. Directed by Roi “Bubi” Escudero. Performed by Andy Chmelko, Arcides Cruz & Eddy Rimada.
Lorraine Goodman, "The Urn": Two siblings meet to discuss the future of a very precious urn. Directed by Lorraine Goodman. With Kathleen Boddington & Christopher Hayes.
Mim Granahan, "So, I Wrote This Play...": A writer shows her best friend a very personal script. Directed by Mim Granahan. Starring Megan Cooper and Ivan Perez.
Philip Kaplan, "Baby Bell": A battle of wits between a desperate man and a four-year-old girl, starring Sean Conroy; directed by Julia Goldstein.
Jack Karp, "The End": Sometimes a play's characters don't like the ending either. Directed by Jennifer Dean. With Seth Bridges, Ava Mihaljevich, & Marc LeVasseur.
Michele Markarian, "For the Sake of the Kids": Should a troubled couple stay together for the sake of the kids? Directed by Jim Loutzenhiser. With Jason Taylor and Michele Markarian.
Charles Mobbs, "Blackberries and Dates": Blackberries and dates don't mix. Director: Charles Mobbs. With Elyse Byer and Marc LeVasseur.
"The Fundamental Things": Best friends wonder what women want. Director: Charles Mobbs. With Elyse Byer and Marc LeVasseur.
Kimberly Patterson, "The Letter Opener": Fran has a letter that could change her life -- if only she can convince herself to open it! Directed by Kimberly Patterson. Starring Amanda Berlin and Jennifer Saltzstein.
Lisa Preston, "Patient Moment": Directed by Lisa Preston. With Mickey Abbate, Lisa Gardner.
John Schoneboom, "The Last Caper": A couple of crooks confront eternity in 60 seconds as they try to pull off one last, doomed heist. Directed by John Schoneboom. With Patrick Edgar and Sean Tarrant.
Ken Scudder, "The Package": Directed by Jena Tesse Fox.
Bara Swain, "Pull": The truth about the pussy willow. With Santana Dempsey.
Jessica Faith Swain, "Jumper": What goes up, must come down ... or not. With Amanda Dieli

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This event is general admission and no seating is assigned at this time. You will choose your seats when you arrive at the venue. Please view the 'More info' link to view if the venue is ADA Complaint.