Event Information
Horse Trade Theater Group Presents
Saturday, February 17, 2007 through Saturday, March 03, 2007

A film by The Enemy

Length: 1 hr 30 mins
Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Written and Directed by John Harlacher
Executive Producer - David Solomon Rodriguez

In a tunnel deep under Manhattan, the Old Man rules the citizens of Scum-City. He swears to lead them to a paradise within the hollow earth once he finds five noble souls; but until then his followers must steal and deal to support him. A terminally ill hunchback named Goliath, crazed by his approaching death, decides to find the five noble souls and present them to the Old Man…by beheading New Yorkers he deems worthy of the honor. Meanwhile, another Scum-City dweller known as The Kid tries to do the Old Man's bidding, tangling with deadly gangsters and eccentric drug dealers—even though The Kid is only nine and his main weapon is a water pistol filled with acid. As both Goliath and The Kid pursue paths they believe will lead to paradise, they rob, kill…and inevitably confront each other in a grand showdown.

Urchin is a prime example of guerilla cinema made possible by new technology. The film was shot illegally in the subways, sewers, and streets of NYC with 24p digital cameras, professional actors, and a handful of crew members. An expert post-production team then added masterful sound design and effects to the footage. The result is a film that has the raw energy of NYC graffiti and the polish of Hollywood.

The cast includes Larry Swansen (Broadway's The King and I), Barbara King (Law & Order – Sky Sweet), Rick Poli (Talk to Me, 5 Dead on a Crimson Canvas), Krista Watterworth (HGTV – Save My Bath), Don Silva (Al Pacino's Richard III), Jennifer Boutell (Dangerous Minds), Betty Hudson (The Producers) and introduces nine year old Sebastian Montoya as The Kid. Special guest appearances include famed hackers Mark "PhiberOptik" Abene and Emmanuel Goldstein (publisher of 2600 Magazine).

The artistic team includes Luke Leonard (DP - 50 Ft of Film), Dave
Buchwald (Editor), Music by Robert Edridge-Waks and Ronnie "Real6"
Boykins, Jr. (Kool Keith), Savaas Partisis (Visual Effects – Resident Evil), and Werdz (Graffiti Art).


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