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The Process Group Presents
Savage In Limbo
Thursday, October 18, 2007 through Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm talkin about tension. I'm talkin about somethin snappin at your heels, but you can't get away. Bein apart from everybody else. Bein alone.

Length: 1 hr 20 mins
Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Oscar, Pulitzer Prize, and Tony Award winning writer of Doubt and Moonstruck, John Patrick Shanley has created a darkly comic and compelling work about our search for purpose in a purposeless world.

The sinews and teeth of Shanley's words are captured in the THE PROCESS GROUP’s production of Savage in Limbo. Bryan Close’s intuitive direction balances the operatic hilarity and cutting despair of each of the characters in this murky Bronx bar. With each chord progression in Shanley’s striking score, the cost of loneliness, the power of honesty, and the need for transformation come ringing powerfully through.

The story begins in an 80’s Bronx bar with Murk, a baby-faced bartender with a wooden foot, and his failed nun of a regular April White. Soon Denise Savage—who is still a virgin at 32— stomps into the bar, searching vainly for action. The action arrives with Linda Rotunda, who has the opposite situation. Linda has had too much sex (and illegitimate children) and enters crying in fear that she is losing her “Monday night workout,” Tony Aronica. The Italian stud comes bursting in shortly thereafter to explain, as only he can, why he wants to leave Linda for “ugly girls” who know things that he don’t. Seeing the kind of action she’s looking for, Denise makes a play for Tony. Then it gets real interesting… April’s serenity becomes hysteria, Murk fights to keep glasses filled and two proposals of marriage get slapped on the table.

Jenny Grace as sexy, overripe Linda Rotunda, Rebecca Whitehurst as neurotically lonely Denise Savage, Robert Bray as self-doubting stud Tony Aronica, Brooke Delaney as the drunken ex-altar-girl April White, and Henry Zebrowski as Murk, the bartender without a sense of humor, riff seamlessly together like a vigorous five-piece jazz band. David Bengali’s relentless lighting ‘permits no lies,’ and his surrealist, forced-perspective set hunches in preparation for the ‘concert that is about to take place.’

About THE PROCESS GROUP: Every work of art and every artist is never finished, but always a work in process. The Process Group welcomes the hurly-burly art of creation through open rehearsals, actor and crew blogs and taped interviews. (For more information go to: www.theprocessgroup.org) Artistic Directors Jenny Grace and Rebecca Whitehurst have contributed to many theatrical and mixed media projects in the New York area, including works with Chashama, Abrons Art Center, The Public, Here Art Center, The Flea, Emerging Artist Theater and many more.

"John Patrick Shanley has written an often searing, existential and dramatically compelling work dealing with our search for roots and purpose in an often purposeless world." —BackStage.

"Although filled with comic lines, SAVAGE IN LIMBO has the serious intent of laying bare the unstated dreams and thwarted possibilities of its artfully drawn denizens." —Drama-Logue.

"Conceived with sharp insight into the lives of losers, conveyed with a friskly and often hilarious wit…" —NY Daily News.

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