Event Information
Theater for the New City, Crystal Field Presents
Garnica Leimay AcTs Lab: A Timeless Kaidan
Tuesday, November 06, 2007 through Thursday, November 08, 2007

The New York Butoh Festival. Don't miss the world premiere of this rare international interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together master Butoh dancers, NY-based dancers and video and installation art!

Length: 01 hr 20 mins
Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Presented by Theater For The New City, Crystal Field Artistic Director. Produced by CAVE.

Integrating butoh dance with video installation and live music, "A Timeless Kaidan" is an interdisciplinary performance that explores human fear. Created, choreographed and directed by Ximena Garnica (Garnica LEIMAY AcTS LAB), it brings together a group of three Japanese butoh dancers with nine young New York-based performers in an incandescent interdisciplinary performance. The Japanese group includes Tokyo-based dancers Takuya Ishide (a former member of Butoh co-creator Tatsumi Hijikata’s company), Daiji Meguro (currently a young member of the company of Ko Murobushi), and the Berlin-based dancer Yuko Kaseki (former principal dancer of Anzu Furukawa's company). The New York group includes Mariko Endo, Khristal Curtis, I-Lien Ho, Hazuki Homma, Jonothon Howard, Georgia Lifsher, Sharla Meese, Kristin Narcowich, and Hannah Stone. The design team is composed of New York-based video and installation artist Shige Moriya and musicians Jeremy Slater and Gregory Reynolds with an additional sound collage from the New York band Bloody Panda.

November 6 (Tuesday) pre-performance tea, 7:30 and post-show NYBF Celebration

November 7 (Wednesday) pre-performance tea, 7:30 and post-show Artist Talk

November 8 (Thursday) pre-performance tea, 7:00

Director Ximena Garnica wishes to acknowledge the following individuals, foundations and inspiration sources for their various contributions to this project:

A Timeless Kaidan is partially sponsored by The Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts JAPAN program.

The Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation. This piece was created while in residency at the Robert Wilson Watermill Center.

The Association of Hispanic Arts through The Urban Artist Initiative program (UAI/NYC) assisted in the realization of this piece.

Jorge Luis Borges, poems and labyrinths and the Greek myth of Ariadna’s Thread have inspired the creation of A Timeless Kaidan and have made possible to connect all the loose treads.

Composer/director Billy Fox's investigations of Japanese ghost stories served as the preliminary inspiration for Garnica's A Timeless Kaidan.

Billy Fox initial grant writing was instrumental in the inception of this production. Mr. Fox is the composer/director of the Kitsune Ensemble, an improvising chamber ensemble performing original music inspired by arcane facets of Japanese Culture.

CAVE Organization sponsorship made the realization of this international project possible.

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