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HERE Presents
The Anguish Of Composure, Feminists Are Funny
Thursday, August 17, 2006

Part of HERE's American Living Room festival.

Length: 1 hr 30 mins
Intermission(s): Unknown
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.


A blindfolded painter and a deranged violinist struggle to sustain self-control while in distress.

The Anguish of Composure is about trying to keep living normally while something excruciatingly painful is happening. In the performance, a blindfolded painter and a deranged violinist struggle to sustain self-control while in distress. The practice of trying to close off one's senses, to shut down the realizations that something is terribly wrong in the world so that we can keep going is a daily ritual for many of us. In a humorous but thought provoking way The Unruly Julies express this sentiment through movement, live painting and sound.

Created by The Unruly Julies, featuring JAO.


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A fast, physical and feminist romp through GUERRILLA GIRLS ON TOUR's herstory.

In Feminists Are Funny, GUERRILLA GIRLS ON TOUR take you on a fast and physical romp through the highlights of their herstory as anonymous activists opposing sexism in the performing arts, politics and beyond. Songs, sketches and parodies are woven in between dramatizations of the accomplishments of some of the most prominent and amusing women of the 20th century. Engaging theatre with a focus on audience interaction, Feminists Are Funny will educate and entertain.

Written and directed by Aphra Behn featuring GUERRILLA GIRLS ON TOUR.

"Guerrilla Girls On Tour’s satirical antics skewer the sexism of the theatre world." -- Alisa Solomon, The Village Voice

"They came bearing statistics, practical tips, sight gags and a clear desire to connect with their audience.  And by the time the three Guerrilla Girls On Tour left their standing room only gig they had planted enough seeds to grow a forest."  -- Ronald Ehmke, The Buffalo News

"With their signature symbiosis of wit and balls Guerrilla Girls On Tour have won the sobriquet: masked avengers of Broadway." -- Margo Ebling, The Village Voice

"Feisty!" -- Elisa Turner, The Miami Herald


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These productions are presented as part of HERE's American Living Room festival.

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