Event Information
Duo Theatre Presents
4 th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
Monday, April 21, 2008 through Saturday, April 26, 2008

Please join us at the 4th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival...28 films...6 nights...can you handle it?

Length: 1 hr 10 mins
Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Welcome to the 4th Annual NYC Downtown Short Film Festival

Our festival began 4 years ago with 12 films submitted. We now receive hundreds per year. This year we have a wonderful selection of shorts ranging from provocative dramas, laugh-out-loud comedies, edgy animation and thought provoking documentaries. It promises to be our most exciting festival yet.

You usually spend 2 hours and over ten dollars to see a single movie. We give you an evening of well crafted films for ten dollars. Our screening room is an intimate turn of the century theater with movie house seating and wide aisles for viewing comfort. Each evening's programming consists of 4-5 shorts and will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes We will be featuring some of the best short films being produced in America and internationally as well as the work of established actors and directors.

The NYCDSFF has showcased the work of established actors and directors such as, Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order; Rent) Neil Flynn (Scrubs) G. Gordon Liddy, Blanche Baker, Eddie Murphy (Shrek, Dream Girls), Dan Butler (Frasier), Robert Guthrie (Expiration Day),David Lawrence, Emily Deschanel, Melissa Joan Hart, Gary Marshall, Tony Tanner, Jerry Manthey, John Savage, Nick Tate, Lucky Vanous, Sandra Santiago and Kevin Conway, among many other talented young actors working in industry today.

Join us after each screening for a complimentary wine reception. Meet the film makers and take part in our 3rd e-Vent: IMMIGRATION. For more info visit our web page www.duotheater.org

Monday April 21

Wednesday Directed by: Rob Sorrenti Drama
Wednesday is a beautiful haunting drama about destiny being found and the idea that a soul searches for it's partner.

Lucky Escape Directed by: Shane McCabe Comedy
When a beautiful young woman is asked on an expensive dinner date, she bites off more than she can chew. A funny surprise awaits.

Amalia Drama Directed by: Luis D. Ortiz
Seventeen year-old Amalia, unable to find work in Bolivia, decides to go to the United States. Since she doesn't classify for a visa, she aims to get one in the black market. It will end up disastrously. Heartbreaking.

The Wednesdays Directed by Conor Ferguson Comedy
Mr. and Mrs. O'Leary have been prisoners of their old age for too long, so when they discover a way to feel young again, and to re-discover the love they had almost forgotten about, they grab it with both hands. But soon the law comes knocking at their door...funny, charming beautifully crafted.

Tuesday April 22

What's so Funny? Directed by Tony Tanner Comedy
Maurice is an AIDS patient and is completely self-absorbed. Charlie is his buddy from the LA AIDS project. Maurice doesn't 'see' Charlie, doesn't even call him by the right name. All this played for laughs, saving the biggest laugh for last. And laugh you will.

One Day in January Christopher J. Aran, director Drama
One day in the life of two women. One woman is on the search to re-establish her broken relationship with her lover. The other a seemingly normal family woman who works in construction, closes a deal. The day’s events lead from laundry to a shooting that spins the personalities in different directions and blurs any initial judgments of who the women are. Exciting.

Cold Tea Katie Bowen, director Drama
A young man who’s very lonely, but knows what he wants, discovers the woman of his dreams one day in the park. He professes his love, and she tells him to come to tea and prove it. When he learns who she really is at tea, that love is tested. Engrossing.

The German Lullaby Directed by: Tess Malone Drama
The German Lullaby is a story about a couple set in present day New York. One character (Anna) has a German background and the other, Molly a Jewish background. We find out about Anna's family and what they did in Germany in the 1940's and how this therefore affects Molly and their relationship today. It is partly the struggle of moving on from history and learning to deal with the past. Beautifully crafted.

Wednesday April 23

Undocumented Directed by: Joel Rodriguez Drama
An Illegal immigrant and his family are getting ready to celebrate their daughter fifteens party, but will their plans be ruined? A very personal look at how US immigration policies impact families. Honest and compelling.

The Job Directed by: Jonathan Browning Comedy
The immigration debate just got a little funnier! Funny...funny...funny!

Interior. Bedsit - Day Directed by: James Larkin Comedy Interior Bedsit Day is a short film which illustrates the extreme side of writer's block. Pete, struggling screenplay writer finds himself dabbling with fate as he writes himself into his scripts into some interesting locations. It's when he writes: Ext. Tropical Beach Sunset that his dull life becomes fantasy and then his writing partner mistakenly hits the delete button. Clever.

The Return of Sergeant Pecker
Directed by: Pierre Delarue Animation The Return of Sergeant Pecker is a romantic comedy. :-)

Rhyme Animal Phil Roc, director Drama
The hip-hop/psychological horror tale of a Brooklyn DJ who rides the coat tails of an up-and-coming rapper. One problem: the rapper might also be a cannibalistic serial killer.

Thursday April 24

Die Flugbegleiterin Marcin Glowacki, director comedy
Where desire ends and addiction begins. Fast food, liposuction and an overweight stewardess.

Life in Transition Directed by: John R. Dilworth Animation Life in Transition is a visual and symbolic journey depcting the continual transformations of life from birth to death to re-birth. Academy Award nominated director John R. Dilworth is a New York-based animation director and designer whose work has appeared on HBO, FOX, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV, Canal +, and Arte, as well as the Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Charming.

EPICAC Directed by: Will Tully Drama
Based on a Kurt Vonnegut short story. EPICAC is a science fiction romance about a machine that learns to love. When it understands that it is not made out of 'protoplasm', it short circuits itself out of the female and male mathematicians lives forever.

Humillados Y Ofendidos Directed by Alicia Martinez Pardies and Esther Cross Documentary
INSULTED AND INJURED offers a street level glimpse of the collapse of the Argentine economy and its impact on the homeless population of Buenos Aires. This documentary details the progression of events leading up to the deadly street riots over the situation in 2001. Eye opening.

Fortune Hunters Comedy Directed by: Thom Harp
When Arthur, a writer at a fortune cookie factory, accidentally sends a love letter to his ex-girlfriend into the printing press, suddenly every cookie at every restaurant reveals a piece of his broken heart. Funny, simply funny.

Friday April 25

Blindfold Drama Directed by: Arol Jahns
When Simon decides to pursue his erotic fantasy he finds himself in over his head and out of control. Blindfold is a twenty-minute short film that examines the consequences of giving into our darker desires. Graphic with unexpected results.

The Old Man and the Seal Michael Clark, director Animation. Sweet.

Time Patrol Animation Directed by: Jasmin Jodry
Grey men walk around in the metropolis and steal time from everyday people. Like parasites, the grey men need time as a drug to fuel their own existence. They are essentially vampires of time. Stunning visuals.

Leda Beyond Her Art Directed by: Daniela Gontijo Documentary Based on Ziraldo´s testimony, the documentary shows the art and the joyful personality of the Brazilian sculptor Lêda Selmi Dei Gontijo, the first woman awarded the Machado de Assis Medal from the Brazilian Academy of Literature. An inspiring look into the mind of a woman far ahead of her time.

Saturday April 26

The Accidental Activist Directed by: Andrew Hunt Comedy June is a shy, never-been-in-love, thirty-something who still lives at home, has a goldfish called Romeo and an addiction to romance novels. With her latest pile due back today she sets off for the city; how could a simple trip to the library go so wrong… and yet so right!? Fun. Fun. Fun!

Two Dollars Dance Documentary Directed by: Yolanda Pividal Two Dollars Dance is the story of Victor and Liz. Two latinos from Jackson Heights who left their families and countries behind and know that, on any given night, $2 is the price of happiness... Who knew these places existed in NYC? Touching and heartbreaking.

The Urge Directed by Chris Angus Animation
We discover the horrifying truth behind the natural urges of a vampire and realize he is not so different from us. Vampire humor with just the right touch of levity.

The Other Woman Directed by: Mikael Södersten
Can we choose who we become? A young woman thinks she knows who she is, until she becomes fascinated by the older woman with whom her fiance is having an affair.

Festival Experience Directed by: Elizabeth Pasieczny
A young film maker experiences the reality of the film festival circuit. A humorous end to our festival.

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