Event Information
Opera Manhattan Repertory Theatre, Inc. Presents
The One-Act Opera Festival
Friday, July 31, 2009 through Sunday, August 02, 2009

The One-Act Opera Festival will include a trio of comedy one-acts that span 3 different centuries: Bastien und Bastienne, Il Segreto di Susanna, & The Telephone

Length: 2 hrs 10 mins
Intermission: Yes
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Bastien Und Bastienne: Bastienne pines for her sweetheart Bastien who has left for the city. While she has been tending her sheep, Bastien has been seduced by the shine and glamour of both the city and a wealthy lady. Upon the recommendation of Colas, when Bastien returns, Bastienne plays hard-to-get so cruelly that the distraught and ill-loving Bastien is brought to the brink of suicide. Finally realizing their transcendent love, the two sheepherders discard pretense and reaffirm their mutual love for each other.

Il Segreto Di Susanna: Count Gil returns home suspecting that he has seen his wife, Susanna, walking alone in the street, something he had forbidden her to do after their wedding. He is relieved when he discovers that she is playing the piano in the living room. However, it was the countess whom he had seen but she returned home shortly before her husband.

Gil's happiness remains for only a short while. The room smells of tobacco, and he is surprised since he does not smoke and neither does Susanna, nor the servant, Sante. Suddenly a horrible thought strikes him: is it possible that Susanna is unfaithful to him with a smoker? He speaks with his wife and is soon ashamed of having such suspicions. Gil wants to hug Susanna, but he notices that the tobacco smell comes from Susanna's clothes. She finally admits to having a secret, but she absolutely does not want to tell him what it is. Gil gets really angry and starts to turn the house upside-down after she locks herself in her bedroom. Finally, as Gil is leaving the house to go to his club, she brings him his umbrella. He softens, they become reconciled, and he exits.

As soon as he leaves the house, she closes the door and opens the small packet she gave to Sante when she came home. She takes out a cigarette and the two smoke. That is her secret! But while she is smoking with Sante, Gil comes back. Smelling the tobacco he starts to search the house for Susanna's lover on the pretext of looking for the umbrella he forgot. Having no success, Gil furiously goes out again and Susanna lights a second cigarette. Once more Gil enters and, this time, he is sure that he will catch her in the act. Trying to seize her hand, he gets burned thus finally unveiling her secret. They forgive each other and swear eternal love while smoking together.

The Telephone: While Ben is patiently waiting for Lucy to get off the phone, he becomes frustrated as her conversation is preventing him from making a marriage proposal. She constantly answers every call nonstop. At last he decides to go out and call her from a call box and proposes. one act

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