Event Information
Barrow Street Theatre Presents
The Piano Store Plays
Saturday, January 28, 2012 through Sunday, January 29, 2012

Three Plays by John Clancy

Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

"Anyone" - A love story on stage
with John Clancy, Kevin Pariseau, Nancy Walsh

"Falling Out" - A marriage ends onstage
with John Clancy, Nancy Walsh

"Solo for Spoon and Birdcage" - A metatheatrical ballet of ineptitude with singing and loud noises
with John Clancy, Kevin Pariseau

These three plays were first performed on the Lower East Side in the early 90s, what was then the epicenter of the independent theater world. In a weird way, they are blueprints for all of the work we've done with Present Company and Clancy Productions ever since.

Back then, Nancy was working Off-Broadway and doing some soap opera work. I was writing crazy shit that no one wanted to produce and auditioning for roles I didn't want in shows that sucked and getting a few callbacks but no gigs. Nancy recognized the larger implications and said, "Let's do it ourselves. Let's just put up these shows. Why not?"

So here's the stuff we put on. The reason that we're doing them here and now for you is because Martin and Rochelle Denton asked us for anything that John ever wrote to publish on www.IndieTheaterNow.com and Nancy said "What about the Piano Store Plays. They were pretty good."

So here we are reunited with our good friend and colleague Kevin Pariseau. We are having a blast and hope you will too.

How many people in your party need a wheel chair seat?

This event is general admission and no seating is assigned at this time. You will choose your seats when you arrive at the venue. Please view the 'More info' link to view if the venue is ADA Complaint.