Event Information
DMAC - Duo Multicultural Arts Center Presents
8th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival - Audience Choice Screenings
Thursday, January 12, 2012 through Saturday, January 14, 2012

Join us in choosing which films will be screened at the next NYC Downtown Short Film Festival in April 2012. We screen them...you vote...the top vote getters are screened at the Festival. A fun evening out for $10.....you can't go wrong.

Length: 1 hr 15 mins
Intermission: None
Seating: General Admission
You choose your seats when you get to the theater.

Join us January 12-13-14, 2012 at 8:00 PM in choosing which films will be screened at the 8th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival. No matter how sophisticated your home cinema is there is nothing else that rivals getting together with a group of strangers in a darkened space to experience the magic of film making.

In today's attention-deficient world of YouTube, IMs, and blog posts, the short film has never been more relevant. The same can be said for the Annual NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, which attracts more submissions and a larger audience every year.

The NYCDSFF began 8 years ago with 12 submissions. Last year, 1,000's of films were submitted — so many that the Festival Committee began holding monthly Audience Choice Screenings, with the winning films earning a spot at this year's fest. Showcasing some of the best short films being produced in America and internationally, the festival's line-up includes provocative dramas, clever comedies, edgy animation, and intriguing documentaries.

At our Audience Choice screenings you will watch four to five short movies each night and will be given a ballot to rate each film. The highest rated films will be asked to be screened at our Festival April, 2012.

Michelangelo Alasa', the Artistic Director for the Duo Multicultural Arts Center, spoke of the festival's simplicity, stating that there are no corporate sponsorships, no red carpets or premieres. Without all these trappings, festival-goers are able to enjoy the succinct experience of what a film fest is all about.

You usually spend 2 hours and $15.00 to see a single movie. We give you 4-5 well crafted films for $10.00. Our screening room is a charming and intimate turn of the century theater with wide aisles for viewing comfort. Each evening's programming will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. We are featuring some of the best short films being produced internationally as well as the work of established American actors and directors.

The NYCDSFF has showcased the work of established actors and directors such as Glenn Close, Luke Matheny (this years Academy Award winning director for God of Love), Frederick Weller, Holland Taylor, Jesse L. Martin, Eric Roberts, Shelly Long, Linda Hunt, Jose Rivera, Ana Ortiz, Mark Margolis, Neil Flynn, G. Gordon Liddy, Nick Tate, Vincent Pastore, Robert Clohessy, Allen Enlow Blanche Baker, Eddie Murphy, Dan Butler, Robert Guthrie, Emily Deschanel, Melissa Joan Hart, Gary Marshall, Tony Tanner, Nick Tate, Vincent Pastore, Robert Clohessy, Allen Enlow, among many other talented directors and actors working in the industry today.

If available, Tickets are $15 at the box office.

Thursday January 12 8 PM

Shift Into Gear Directed by: Kevin Mahoney Comedy Matt Gear, a student driving instructor, plans to propose to his girlfriend Meghan. In doing so, he asks his degenerate buddy Dave to take one of his young student's, Timmy, out for lessons. After a botched proposal and Dave putting his business in jeopardy, Matt realizes that his "perfect" life isn't going as planned and must shift himself back into the right gear.

Esperanza Directed by: Michael Martinez Latino Esperanza is a short film in Spanish, that deals with the social issues of religion.

Rain in Summer Directed by: Becca Roth Gay/Lesbian Rain in Summer is a short film about a young woman named Cass, who is reluctant to get over her ex-boyfriend, Greg, who broke up with her almost a year ago. One evening, Cass's very patient and loyal best friend, Samantha, brings Cass to a lesbian party, in an effort to get laid and to get Cass out of the house. At the party, Cass, who is supposed to be Sam's wing-girl, meets Amanda, a mysterious and intriguing party-goer who nobody actually invited. Amanda attempts to seduce Cass, and although Cass is intrigued, it's very clear that she's still hung up on Greg. Amanda convinces Cass to confront Greg, but when she does, she discovers something nobody saw coming.

Friday January 13 8PM

Red Daisy Directed by: Jingyang Cheng Drama A young teenage girl resorts to the Internet in the hope of finding the connection she desperately needs, only to be confronted in the end with a nightmare she may never overcome.

I Rub NY Directed by Lauren DeFillipo Documentary IRUBNY is a film about how one local artist's passion touched an entire city one block at a time.

Hidden in Time Directed by: Edward Roy Drama One man's American Dream is another man's nightmare come true. Ahmad, an Iraqi immigrant who drives a taxi in New York City, picks up a mysterious box from a close friend. Then, while driving in Manhattan, he picks up an American businessman on his way to the airport. Ahmad overhears this man's phone conversation that reveals his good fortune of acquiring a military supply contract. Ahmad hatches a plan and kidnaps his passenger on the way to the airport. With his passenger locked in the taxi, Ahmad seems to fit all the cultural stereotypes of a Muslim from the Arab world. And yet, through these bizarre circumstances, he reveals that he is no stereotype but a man whose dreams are common to us all.

Blue Directed by: Igor Yankilevich Drama A confused man begins to realize that he's living in an elaborate illusion which is about to end

Buddy Becker: Celebrity Assistant Directed by: Ryan Devlin & Steven Craig Oliver Comedy Buddy Becker saves washed up has-beens from the depths of the Hollywood cesspool. But is there hope for Married With Children's David Faustino? Probably not. The pint sized actor can't cope with life after a sitcom- especially with rival D-lister Corin Nemic (of FOX's Parker Lewis Can't Lose) thwarting his every opportunity to succeed. This is gonna be harder than getting Jeffrey Jones off child porn. But if anyone can do it, it's Buddy Becker. (Featuring cameo appearances by all your favorite TV derelicts).

Saturday January 14 8PM

Merry Directed by: Conor Byrne Comedy A suburban Santa Claus struggles to find a place in the 'off-season.'

Pretty Boy Directed by: Clarence Fuller Gay/Lesbian Pretty Boy is an original screenplay about a young man, Heath 25, who is training to be a boxer. He finds that boxing along with his therapist, helps to relieve certain urges manufactured from his childhood. His girlfriend, Vikki 24, who is madly in love with him, overlooks some of the obvious signs of Heath’s battle including some scratches and bruising. While Vikki is at work at a 1950’s style diner, Heath dresses up as a woman and acts out his childhood trauma. This particular night, Heath takes it a bit further and ends up in a nerve-racking situation with a John.

Five Boroughs submitted by Morgan Paar NY City Films Five Boroughs is an animated music video shot in the five boroughs of New York City by students of the Media Technology program at Bronx Community College. The song is original; written, recorded and mixed by one of the students. The six rappers are all students of the program.

Mind thinks Heart knows Directed by: Michael Reisch Roy wakes up next to his girlfriend. Unlike other boyfriends he finds the situation more than uncomfortable. He feels trapped and his great fear of commitment and intimacy not just drives him to escape his own bedroom but even further brings him to run away from his love. Through his rash actions he finds himself in an even more uncomfortable situation.

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