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11th New York City Downtown Short Film Festival
Join us June 10-June 13 for the 11th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival There is nothing else that rivals getting together with a group of strangers in a darkened space to experience the magic of film making.
Venue: ( Duo Theatre)
Duo Theatre
Producer: ( DMAC)
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Wednesday June 10 8PM
Granny Smith Directed by Julian Lucas Australia Comedy
Adjust-A-Dream Directed by: Jonathan Wysocki USA Gay/Lesbian
SteadiKid Directed by Scott McDermott USA Comedy
For Francis Directed by: Angelique Letizia USA Drama
Baby Steps Directed by: Tomer Sinai USA Gay/Lesbian
Gun Control Directed by Vanessa Campos USA Comedy

Thursday June 11 8PM
Write With Me... Directed by: Hannah Leshaw USA Gay/Lesbian
Suddenly Directed by Merav Elbaz Belschner USA Drama
Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future Directed by: Albert M. Chan USA Drama
Art's Sake Directed by: Adam Turkel USA Comedy
A Poet Long Ago Directed by: Bob Giraldi New York City Films USA

Friday June 9 8PM
Contender Directed by: David Scala USA Drama
Beauty Sacrifice Directed by Shannon Lee USA Animation
If The Trees Could Talk Directed by Michael Weinstein. USA Drama
The Matchbox Directed by: Dongjae Kim USA Animation
Bloody Mary Directed By Jono Freedrix USA Comedy
Symposium Directed by Artemis Shaw

Saturday June 13 8PM
Kite Directed by Gavin Moran USA Animation
My Kingdom Directed by Debra Solomon USA Animation
Tadaima Directed by: Robin Takao D'Oench USA Drama
The Extraordinary Mr. Jupiter Directed by Federico Torres Puerto Rico Drama
Swadhisthana Directed by: Joel Mahr USA Gay/Lesbian
Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others Directed by Geoff Celis.


Becoming Michelangelo: Confessions of a Cuban Sex Addict
Saturday, October 04, 2014 through Saturday, June 27, 2015
Becoming Michelangelo:Confessions of a Cuban Sex Addict returns April 4 - June 27, 2015.
Venue: ( Duo Theatre)
Duo Theatre
Producer: ( DMAC)
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The true story of Michelangelo, ex-rent boy, artist and sexual outlaw told with wit, heart, humor and stunning visuals. Becoming Michelangelo: Confessions of a Cuban Sex Addict, written and designed by Michelangelo Alasa', is a walk through, theater piece/art installation filled with video, found objects and words which takes place on two floors at DMAC. Grab a complimentary glass of wine and follow Alasa' through the House of Terror of his childhood into his magical "safe place" filled with images and found objects. Seated, within this sacred place, Alasa' shares his personal journey with you. "From the age of three until the age of six I enjoyed a rather delightful sexual relationship with my father....I wish it had not happened as it sexualized me a such a young age and robbed me of my childhood". Cathartic in nature, Confessions reminds you of your own deepest secrets, darkest longings, and biggest triumphs. Saturdays through June 27 at 8PM Adult material. Please consider making a donation to the theater.

2 records found