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Aah, Ventura's Friday Night Sunset Sail!
The gold standard of sailing cruises and the best after-work summer chill in NYC - New York Times. One of the hidden treasures of New York -- Voyages TV A must-do bucket list New York experience -- Time Out.
Venue: ( North Cove Marina)
North Cove Marina
Producer: ( Atlantic Sail Charter, LLC)
Atlantic Sail Charter, LLC
City: NYC

Additional Notes:
Ventura's Friday night sunset sail is an upscale yet casual experience. For many New Yorkers, this Caribbean style cruise is a beloved and refreshing way to close out the work week. A tradition in New York harbor since 1987!Boarding begins at 6:15, and we depart at 6:30. Returns between 8:45 and 9:00Every . . .

By Jeff Daye and Laura Kleinbaumwith additional music and lyrics by Drew Fornarola
Venue: ( Theater For the New City)
Theater For the New City
Producer: ( Theater for the New City)
Theater for the New City
City: New York

Additional Notes:
The charisma of Beyoncé, the influence of Oprah, the wealth of Melinda. One woman had it all first: Cleopatra. Tonight she's throwing one of her legendary parties to celebrate Egypt's latest triumph over Rome, and you her royal subjects are invited to indulge. But outside the city walls, the alluring . . .

ONE NIGHT ONLY: An Evening Cabaret of songs that will make your heart sing
Venue: ( Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church)
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church
Producer: ( Theatre Fellowship of FAPC)
Theatre Fellowship of FAPC
City: New York

Additional Notes:
A journey into the fairytales, dreams, and wishes that awaken the deepest desires of our hearts to mystery and beauty, danger and adventure, romance and enchantment.From childhood we have all experienced dreams and disappointments, getting “lost in a forest,” “poison apple times,” moments of “deep slumber,” . . .

Gallery Admissions
CJH and YUM admissions
Venue: ( Center for Jewish History)
Center for Jewish History
Producer: ( Center for Jewish History)
Center for Jewish History
City: New York

Additional Notes:

Le Scandal Cabaret
NYC's Longest Running Burlesque Variety Show!
Venue: ( West Bank Cafe)
West Bank Cafe
Producer: ( Le Scandal Cabaret, LLC)
Le Scandal Cabaret, LLC
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Le Scandal Cabaret Valentine's Day Extravaganza
Special February 14th Show!

NYC's longest running burlesque variety show, includes your very own burlesque surprise gift, a complimentary glass of Cava Prosecco, and an all star line up of international burlesque . . .

On Golden Pond
Tickets - $13 online / $18 door
Venue: ( The Arctic Playhouse)
The Arctic Playhouse
Producer: ( The Arctic Playhouse)
The Arctic Playhouse
City: West Warwick

Additional Notes:
On Golden Pond is the love story of Ethel and Norman Thayer, who return to their summer home On Golden Pond for the 48th year. Despite heart palpitations and a failing memory, Norman is still as tart-tongued and observant as ever. Ethel is his perfect foil, delighting in all the small things that enrich . . .

Opera Ithaca presents PAGLIACCI at Circus Culture
Venue: ( Circus Culture)
Circus Culture
Producer: ( Opera Ithaca)
Opera Ithaca
City: Ithaca

Additional Notes:
Starring James Chamberlain, Megan Nielson, SeunHyeon Baek, Erik Angerhofer, Mark A. B. Lawrence, Sean Blue, Circus Culture artists and a chorus of twenty, conducted by Thomas Bagwell and directed by Zachary James

Pride and Prejudice
The classic romantic comedy that matches the wits and pride of Elizabeth Bennet and the mysterious Mr. Darcy.
Venue: ( Pastime Theatre)
Pastime Theatre
Producer: ( The Pastime Theatre)
The Pastime Theatre
City: Winfield

Additional Notes:
Live community theatre performance of Pride and Prejudice. The classic romantic comedy that matches the wits and pride of Elizabeth Bennet and the mysterious Mr. Darcy.

Romance of the Western Chamber - the musical
A musical adaptation of the fabled Chinese classic, Xi Xiang Ji. Two young lovers fly in the face of tradition and parental disapproval in 9th century China.
Venue: ( TADA! Theater)
TADA! Theater
Producer: ( Wildly Productive Productions/Bob Ost)
Wildly Productive Productions/Bob Ost
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Previously produced in China for the very first time in English in 2011, and known as China's most popular love story, Romance of the Western Chamber tells of a young couple from different classes consummating their love despite parental disapproval and unpromising circumstances. Think Romeo and Juliet . . .


Venue: ( Tato Laviera Theater)
Tato Laviera Theater
Producer: ( Harlem Repertory Theatre)
Harlem Repertory Theatre
City: New York

Additional Notes:
In the tradition of the Punchdrunk Theatre Companys 2011 Off-Broadway production of SLEEP NO MORE, The Harlem Repertory Theatre is performing THE COLORED MUSEUM in five rooms throughout the Tato Laviera Theatre complex. The audience will be led through five performance spaces as they stand inches away . . .

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