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A Raisin In The Sun
Lorraine Hansberry's Classic Drama, A RAISIN IN THE SUN continues at the HRT
Venue: ( Tato Laviera Theatre)
Tato Laviera Theatre
Producer: ( Harlem Repertory Theatre)
Harlem Repertory Theatre
City: NY

Additional Notes:
The HRT is honored to once again include Lorraine Hansberry's groundbreaking New York Drama Critics award-winning drama, A RAISIN IN THE SUN in its current season.  The plays social impact transcends generations and cultures with universally recognizable themes and characters.  This iconic piece of African American dramatic literature will move audiences of all ages with its passion, humor, and humanity.In his memoir, The Price Of The Ticket, author and activist James Baldwin expresses that, “Hansberry believed in her soul that art contained the energy necessary to produce action – action she believed was essential to creating social change”.  

CLASS by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, J.D./M.A. is a two character full-length play about race relations.
Venue: ( Theater For the New City)
Theater For the New City
Producer: ( Theater for the New City)
Theater for the New City
City: New York

Additional Notes:
An angry poor white student confronts his Black female college professor about the bad grade he received in her race-relations class. The confrontation turns deadly because he believes Black people stole his American Dream. It is an allegory on slavery and hard-hitting look at White anger.

Gallery Admissions
CJH and YUM admissions
Venue: ( Center for Jewish History)
Center for Jewish History
Producer: ( Center for Jewish History)
Center for Jewish History
City: New York

Additional Notes:

I Hate Hamlet
A light hearted comedy for all those luke-warm about “theater”.
Venue: ( The Arctic Playhouse)
The Arctic Playhouse
Producer: ( The Arctic Playhouse)
The Arctic Playhouse
City: West Warwick

Additional Notes:
Andrew Rally seems to have it all: fame from a hit television series, beautiful girlfriend, the perfect NY apartment and the chance to play Hamlet in Central Park. There are, however, a couple of glitches in paradise. Andrews series has been canceled; his girlfriend is clinging to her virginity and he has no desire to play Hamlet. But Andrews choice may not be his own. John Barrymore returns, pressing Andrew to accept the part and fulfill his actors destiny: to play Hamlet!

Le Scandal Cabaret
NYC's Longest Running Burlesque Variety Show!
Venue: ( West Bank Cafe)
West Bank Cafe
Producer: ( Le Scandal Cabaret, LLC)
Le Scandal Cabaret, LLC
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Le Scandal Cabaret Valentine's Day Extravaganza
Special February 14th Show!

NYC's longest running burlesque variety show, includes your very own burlesque surprise gift, a complimentary glass of Cava Prosecco, and an all star line up of international burlesque and variety circus acts, accompanied by the Le Scandal burlesque band.

Le Scandal Cabaret is NYC's longest running burlesque variety show, featuring circus acts, variety performers, live music, and a bevy of burlesque beauties. Le Scandal performers include a sword swallowing bellydancer, a contortionist, lasso rope trick cowboy, a comedic juggler, a clever magician, a sultry torch singing fan dancer, and many more innovative and cutting edge performers, all to the live music styling of the Le Scandal Orchestra.

Audience comments, Only in NYC can we see this!

Glamorous burlesque, edgy downtown performance art, with a dash of Coney Island. This show has all the eye popping wow factor.

$20.00 minimum per person.

NY Times Critic's Pick!

My Son The Waiter
90 Minutes of Non-Stop Laughter!
Venue: ( Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center)
Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center
Producer: ( Playhouse Productions)
Playhouse Productions
City: Boca Raton

Additional Notes:
If you ever longed for something, if you ever desired it with all your heart, if you were willing to wait tables for 29 years to pursue your dream then My Son The Waiter will give meaning to your Life!

-New York Times

You'll laugh your TUCHAS off
-The Huffington Post

I've had three great opening acts in my lifetime: Billy Crystal, Gary Shandling, and Brad Zimmerman
-Joan Rivers

A must-see. It's hysterical, heartfelt, timely and poignant.
I cried, I laughed, I forgot where I parked.
-Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond)

The Artemisia Trio
Great music by great performers
Venue: ( Quakertown United Methodist Church)
Quakertown United Methodist Church
Producer: ( The Takaezu Studio)
The Takaezu Studio
City: Quakertown

Additional Notes:
The Artemisia Trio of Manhattan plays music of the 18th, 19th and 21st centuries. Featuring Celebration by Stanley Silverman.

Verses at Work

Venue: ( Theater For the New City)
Theater For the New City
Producer: ( Theater for the New City)
Theater for the New City
City: New York

Additional Notes:
An exhilarating one man show in the vein of 'Hip Hop Theater.' Actor/Rapper Malik Work documents a life as one of the pioneers of the Hip Hop/Jazz movement in New York City. The script was adapted by the award-winning film of the same name: Verses at Work.

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