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A PURO TANGO Company from COLOMBIA"World Champions"
Venue: ( Clemente Cultural Center)
Clemente Cultural Center
Producer: ( LATEA Theater)
LATEA Theater
City: New York

Additional Notes:
“A PURO TANGO” is a fascinating joyride which expresses the best of traditional and contemporary tango that demonstrates a commitment to travel with the spectators through worlds of love, hate, passion, heartbreak, fights, fears, eroticism, sensuality, feelings which well describes Tango aesthetic. Transforming the human essence into dance turning it into a powerful tool of communication. Tango is filled with affection, love, and personal expression. The feeling of the dance of intertwined bodies. The human seduction turned into movement. The encounter between two worlds. The exhibition of the beautiful dance aesthetics that surrounds the universe.“A PURO TANGO” is more than a social identity, its a personal expression which leads every person to a unique experience that will touch the heart, the senses and emotions... with a splendid cast of musicians, singers and dancers. It is a live performance to see and feel.Como apertura de su gira internacional la Compañía A Puro Tango, Campeones Mundiales del World Tango Championships, presentara su espectáculo “A Puro Tango… Pasión y Sentimiento”, Un viaje fascinante que reúne lo mejor del tango tradicional y contemporáneo, con el firme propósito de tocar desde lo más profundo los sentimientos de sus espectadores e ir recorriendo con ellos un mundo de amores y desamores, de luchas y miedos, de pasiones y odios… El Tango hecho Pasión y Sentimiento, dualidad que refleja la esencia humana, la danza de la carne, del deseo, de los cuerpos entrelazados, la seducción hecha movimiento, el ir y venir, encuentro de dos mundos.Un baile exhibicionista, estéticamente bello.

Dead Shot Mary

Dead Shot Mary is a solo show based on the phenomenal true story of Mary Shanley, one of the first female detectives in the NYPD.
Venue: ( Shetler Studios)
Shetler Studios
Producer: ( R & R Productions)
R & R Productions
City: New York

Additional Notes:

A pioneer for females in law enforcement, Mary Shanley joined the NYPD in 1931, quickly becoming a Gotham all-star and tabloid sensation. Making a staggering 1000 career arrests, she became the 4th woman in history to make detective 1st grade, and then nearly lost it all. Dead Shot Mary grapples with the legend of Mary Shanley, a trail blazer, a maverick, and a true New York original.


Venue: ( Independence Seaport Museum)
Independence Seaport Museum
Producer: ( Cloak & Dagger Theatre)
Cloak & Dagger Theatre
City: Philadelphia

Additional Notes:
Evita concentrates on the life of Argentine political leader Eva Perón, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Perón. The story follows Evita's early life, rise to power, charity work, and eventual death.The musical began as a rock opera concept album released in 1976. Its success led to productions in London's West End in 1978, winning the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Musical, and on Broadway a year later, where it was the first British musical to receive the Tony Award for Best Musical.

!!!!!!!2nd SMASH YEAR!!!!!!Before HAMILTON there was IN THE HEIGHTSAUGUST 27th and SEPTEMBER 10th are SOLD OUT -- SOLD OUT -- SOLD OUT ---
Venue: ( Tato Laviera Theatre)
Tato Laviera Theatre
Producer: ( Harlem Repertory Theatre)
Harlem Repertory Theatre
City: NY

Additional Notes:
The HRT will open its 2016-17 season with Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical theatre masterwork, IN THE HEIGHTS. The talented cast will bring this eclectic score to life in a bold new expressionistic interpretation. The environmental seating arrangement will transfix the audience as the young and energetic cast sings and dances throughout four separate performance areas in the newly renovated Tato Laviera Theatre – often a few feet away from the audience. IN THE HEIGHTS won the 2008 Tony awards for BEST MUSICAL and BEST ORIGINAL SCORE. Charles Isherwood wrote in his New York Times review:When this musical erupts in one of its expressions of collective joy, the energy it gives off could light up the George Washington Bridge for a year or two.

Le Scandal Cabaret
NYC's Longest Running Burlesque Variety Show!
Venue: ( West Bank Cafe)
West Bank Cafe
Producer: ( Le Scandal Cabaret, LLC)
Le Scandal Cabaret, LLC
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Le Scandal Cabaret Valentine's Day Extravaganza
Special February 14th Show!

NYC's longest running burlesque variety show, includes your very own burlesque surprise gift, a complimentary glass of Cava Prosecco, and an all star line up of international burlesque and variety circus acts, accompanied by the Le Scandal burlesque band.

Le Scandal Cabaret is NYC's longest running burlesque variety show, featuring circus acts, variety performers, live music, and a bevy of burlesque beauties. Le Scandal performers include a sword swallowing bellydancer, a contortionist, lasso rope trick cowboy, a comedic juggler, a clever magician, a sultry torch singing fan dancer, and many more innovative and cutting edge performers, all to the live music styling of the Le Scandal Orchestra.

Audience comments, Only in NYC can we see this!

Glamorous burlesque, edgy downtown performance art, with a dash of Coney Island. This show has all the eye popping wow factor.

$20.00 minimum per person.

NY Times Critic's Pick!

The Last Night of Ballyhoo
Winner of 1997 Tony Award for Best Play
Venue: ( Nutley Little Theatre)
Nutley Little Theatre
Producer: ( Nutley Little Theatre)
Nutley Little Theatre
City: Nutley

Additional Notes:
THE LAST NIGHT OF BALLYHOO takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, in December of 1939. Gone with the Wind is having its world premiere, and Hitler is invading Poland, but Atlanta's elitist German Jews are much more concerned with who is going to Ballyhoo, the social event of the season. Especially concerned is the Freitag family: bachelor Adolph, his widowed sister, Beulah (Boo) Levy, and their also widowed sister-in-law, Reba. Boo is determined to have her dreamy, unpopular daughter, Lala, attend Ballyhoo, believing it will be Lala's last chance to find a socially acceptable husband. Adolph brings his new assistant, Joe Farkas, home for dinner. Joe is Brooklyn born and bred, and furthermore is of Eastern European heritage—several social rungs below the Freitags, in Beulah's opinion. Lala, however, is charmed by Joe and she hints broadly about being taken to Ballyhoo, but he turns her down. This enrages Boo, and matters get worse when Joe falls for Lala's cousin, Reba's daughter, Sunny, home from Wellesley for Christmas vacation. Will Boo succeed in snaring Peachy Weil, a member of one of the finest Jewish families in the South? Will Sunny and Joe avoid the land mines of prejudice that stand in their way? Will Lala ever get to Ballyhoo? The family gets pulled apart and then mended together with plenty of comedy, romance and revelations along the way. Events take several unexpected turns as the characters face where they come from and are forced to deal with who they really are.

Ubu Rex
In the future of New York City, that is to say nowhere, one building stands taller than all the rest. Over a landscape of skyscrapers, The Fecal Tower looms - the tallest building on the planet. At the very top is the penthouse where the CEO lives with his family; far down below, in the First Basement, is the home of Papa and Mama Ubu.
Venue: ( Theater For the New City)
Theater For the New City
Producer: ( Theater for the New City)
Theater for the New City
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Papa Ubu is the slovenly Superintendent of the Fecal Tower, content to glut himself on porn and PBR. But his wife, Mama Ubu, is a true Lady (Macbeth) who is always scheming for more. Mama is hungry for riches and power; Papa is just hungry. Together they plot to overthrow the CEO and put Papas fat ass on the throne. With Mamas wiles and Papas propaganda they rally a band of thugs and thieves to help them ascend The Fecal Tower to power! Papa proves himself as a ruthless ruler and Mama as a cunning…well shes not very nice, as all embark on an odyssey to become: the ruling class.The Public will watch, helpless as the travesty of Ubu Rex unfolds across your screens, mirroring the absurdity of our present-day techno-oligarchy. Mama and Papa Ubu are just the latest upstarts in the race for survival of the richest. A scathing satire presented in the spirit of absurdity and irreverence that made the original a classic, Ubu Rex takes you on a wild journey to a garish and violent future, without ever leaving the Five Boroughs.“This elevator goes up, just as fast as it goes down.”-Ubu

WaistWatchers the Musical!
Venue: ( Montgomery Theater)
Montgomery Theater
Producer: ( Playhouse Productions)
Playhouse Productions
City: San Jose

Additional Notes:
Set in Cooks Womens Gym and in the same energetic and fun spirit as Menopause The Musical ®, WaistWatchers The Musical! takes a hilarious and light hearted look at four women dealing with food, friendship, love, life and sex! The Audience Eats The Show Up! - Miami HeraldBe Prepared To Laugh Off A Few Pounds! -

When Yellow Were The Stars On Earth
Amidst the atrocities of World War II, two women cross enemy lines to make the ultimate heroic sacrifice.
Venue: ( Hudson Guild Theatre)
Hudson Guild Theatre
Producer: ( Robert Williams)
Robert Williams
City: New York

Additional Notes:
One night in Berlin, 1943, during an SS raid, a German Cabaret singer opens her door to save a Jewish Resistance fighter. As the hours unfold, destiny winds their lives more tightly together until there is no turning back. When Yellow Were the Stars on Earth tells a story of two rarely written about realities: Jewish female fighters and Germans who died refusing to be part of Nazi machinery.The tragedy of the Holocaust is written in indelible ink on our past. It has left a deep scar on our history and is profoundly connected to another subject that has little been dealt with; the considerable number of people who died opposing the horrors of the Nazism. Most of them are not remembered as heroes and their stories have been swallowed by time. When Yellow Were the Stars on Earth was written out of a personal wish to create an imaginary place in time and space where, for once, a German Jewish woman (Miriam) and an Aryan German woman (Klara) could meet, look at each other beyond the tragedies that linked them during World War II, and express the primal love that is common to all souls.

9 records found