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August Full Moon BYO Sail
Sail with Sinatra into the sunset and 'Fly me to the Moon'
Venue: ( Sailing on Ventura)
Sailing on Ventura
Producer: ( Atlantic Sail Charter, LLC)
Atlantic Sail Charter, LLC
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Come experience the last sunset and full moon of the summer, aboard the classic, New York icon Ventura, a 100 year old wooden sailing yacht. This is an intimate, one-time only cruise, with a maximum of 25 persons aboard. Guests are encouraged to bring their own picnic snacks and favorite wines (no hard alcohol permitted) blankies and pillows.Appropriately, Ventura's deck sound system with be highlighting classic moon songs, such as Sinatra's wonderful version of Fly Me To The Moon and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. An ideal forecast for the evening is predicted! Warm, summer temps, soft winds and clear skies. Bring your binoculars and Sky Watch app!!Sweet deets: Rendezvous and check in begins at the dock at 7:00 pm. Location: North Cove Marina, at Brookfield Place, 230 Vesey Street. (Walk through the building and there is the Ventura directly in front of you, slightly to the right.) Boarding period begins at 7:15. Boarding closing and setting sail at 7:30. Good ship Ventura returns at 10:30 PM under a glorious, spectacular full moon! Come enjoy the opportunity to walk barefoot aboard Ventura's solid teak decks... or your way cool summer flat shoes... Passengers dress for a casual and fun evening. A common theme for the dress code? ... Think J. Crew! This is a limited engagement, one night only sail, and time expressly to catch the last of the afternoon light on the harbor, sunset, the full moon rise, and the dramatic NEW LIGHTING of the Statue of Liberty.

Blacker explores the hidden souls of men who love in extraordinary ways. Based on the Dreyfus Affair
Venue: ( Urban Stages)
Urban Stages
Producer: ( Sandi Durell)
Sandi Durell
City: New York

Additional Notes:
In the shadow of the 1900 World's Fair in Paris, two households and many lives are inexorably altered in the wake of the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of Alfred Dreyfus. Carlos Blacker, a wealthy rare book dealer, manages both his marriage to a social-climbing wife and his close personal friendship with the disgraced genius, Oscar Wilde. Oscar lives under an assumed name in a ramshackle hotel, his well-intentioned attempts to enlist the help of his friend Carlos throws Blacker's lives into chaos.

Central Park Photo Walking Tour
Uncover the natural beauty of Central Park during this photo walking tour
Venue: ( ABT Central Park Photo Tour)
ABT Central Park Photo Tour
Producer: ( Allen Batista Travel, Inc.)
Allen Batista Travel, Inc.
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Grab your camera and get ready to capture the natural beauty of Central Park while taking tips from a professional photographer and Licensed Guide . You will be learning about the park's many sights. With 843 acres of pastoral beauty in the heart of the city, Central Park has so many photo ops you'd never find them all without a guide.You'll see The Mall, The Ramble, The Point, The Bow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain, The Literary Walk, Cherry Hill, The Lake, and vistas as far as the eye can see.And with your guides along, you'll know exactly what you're shooting and how best to shoot it.

Defending The Caveman
Thursday, July 09, 2015 through Sunday, September 13, 2015
“CAVEMAN is back, and it’s still a hit! It’s hilarious! A blockbuster!” ~ The Washington Post
Venue: ( Penn's Landing Playhouse)
Penn's Landing Playhouse
Producer: ( Philip Roger Roy & Dana Matthow)
Philip Roger Roy & Dana Matthow
City: Philadelphia

Additional Notes:
Defending the Cavemanis a hilarious play about the ways men and women relate to each other. Without taking sides, this insightful comedy discusses the ongoing battle for understanding between the sexes. Through its hysterical observations into contemporary feminism, masculine sensitivity and the erogenous zones, Defending the Caveman mines the common themes in relationships that go straight through the funny bone and into the heart.

The Harlem Repertory Theatre opens its' 2015-16 season with the TONY Award winning musical IN THE HEIGHTS
Venue: ( Tato Laviera Theatre)
Tato Laviera Theatre
Producer: ( Harlem Repertory Theatre)
Harlem Repertory Theatre
City: NY

Additional Notes:
The HRT will open its 2015-16 season with Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical theatre masterwork, IN THE HEIGHTS. The cast of 20 will bring this eclectic score to life in a bold new expressionistic interpretation. The environmental seating arrangement will transfix the audience as the young and energetic cast sings and dances throughout four separate performance areas in the newly renovated Tato Laviera Theatre – often a few feet away from the audience. IN THE HEIGHTS won the 2008 Tony awards for BEST MUSICAL and BEST ORIGINAL SCORE. Charles Isherwood wrote in his New York Times review:When this musical erupts in one of its expressions of collective joy, the energy it gives off could light up the George Washington Bridge for a year or two.

Le Scandal Cabaret
NYC's Longest Running Burlesque Variety Show!
Venue: ( West Bank Cafe)
West Bank Cafe
Producer: ( Le Scandal Cabaret, LLC)
Le Scandal Cabaret, LLC
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Le Scandal Cabaret is NYC's longest running burlesque variety show, featuring circus acts, variety performers, live music, and a bevy of burlesque beauties. Le Scandal performers include a sword swallowing bellydancer, a contortionist, lasso rope trick cowboy, a comedic juggler, a clever magician, a sultry torch singing fan dancer, and many more innovative and cutting edge performers, all to the live music styling of the Le Scandal Orchestra.

Audience comments, Only in NYC can we see this!

Glamorous burlesque, edgy downtown performance art, with a dash of Coney Island. This show has all the eye popping wow factor.

$20.00 minimum per person.

NY Times Critic's Pick!

Lower East Side Walking Tour
Lower East Side is a melting pot for first generation immigrants who came to this country
Venue: ( ABT Lower East Side Tour)
ABT Lower East Side Tour
Producer: ( Allen Batista Travel, Inc.)
Allen Batista Travel, Inc.
City: New York

Additional Notes:
The Lower East Side is the neighborhood that has been the melting pot for immigrants for generations. Italian, Jewish, German, Latino and Asian immigrants have all called the Lower East Side homeTour highlights include the following experiences -- Sunshine Theater,Red Square, Orchard Street, Russ and Daughters, Katzs Deli, Movie and TV show sites, Angel Orshanz Center, Eastern Dispensary, Seward park High School, Williamsburg Bridge, Delancey Street, Blue Building, Streits Matzoh Factory, Economy Candy, Yonah Schimmels Knish

Mandatory Evacuation: NOLA 2 NY
On the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, join us for an evening of food, drinks, and performances. I'm sure a second line will break out at some point, so be ready to dance, y'all!
Venue: ( The TAI Group)
The TAI Group
Producer: ( Ivy Theatre Company, LLC)
Ivy Theatre Company, LLC
City: New York

Additional Notes:
10 years ago, an entire population was told to evacuate because a category 5 hurricane was headed straight for us. In the weeks and months after Katrina and the flood, many lost everything. 10 years later, New Orleans is still trying to rebuild. Rather than focus on the devastation, we have decided to come together to talk about how our trajectories were changed by this natural and manmade disaster. Artists, performers, musicians and bankers will gather together to celebrate a city that felt like home, and tell our stories of change, triumph, and settling in New York City.We are also raising money for Project Homecoming, a charity working to help people return to New Orleans and revitalize neighborhoods. We might be staying here in NY, but we will never lose our connection to NOLA.Join us for an evening of food, drinks, and performances. I'm sure a second line will break out at some point, so be ready to dance, y'all!

My Mother's Italian, My Father's Jewish & I'm In Therapy! San Jose
Wednesday, August 12, 2015 through Sunday, August 30, 2015
One part lasagna, one part kreplach, & two parts Prozac, you don’t have to be Jewish or Italian to love this show!
Venue: ( Montgomery Theater)
Montgomery Theater
Producer: ( Philip Roger Roy & Dana Matthow Present)
Philip Roger Roy & Dana Matthow Present
City: San Jose

Additional Notes:
Steve Solomon’s hit New York comedy is inspired by his hilarious & dysfunctional family & all the people in his life whose sole purpose is to drive him into therapy…. and they succeeded! “HYSTERICALLY FUNNY! Non-stop laughs all the way! Brilliantly done! I can’t recommend this show enough- it’s just great!” - Regis Philbin, “Live With Regis & Kelly”

My Son The Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy

Venue: ( The Triad Theater)
The Triad Theater
Producer: ( Dana Matthow & Philip Roger Roy)
Dana Matthow & Philip Roger Roy
City: New York

Additional Notes:

If you ever longed for something, If you ever desired it with all your heart, If you were willing to wait tables for 29 years to pursue your dream then My Son The Waiter will give meaning to your Life!

The Seating
VIP SEATING guarantees you a reserved seat in the front section of the theater.
Orchestra seats are guaranteed to be on the first level of the theater, but since seats are not reserved, you are seated on a first come basis
Mezzanineseating is one additional flight up, by stairs only.

TRIAD THEATRE HAS A TWO DRINK MIN requirement in addition to the ticket price (drinks start at $6.00)
There is an elevator that will take you to Orchestra level and there are two small steps down into VIP section. You must climb extra flight of stairs to reach mezz.

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16 records found