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"HERE," An Evening With Avery Brooks
An inspiring, rare, intimate evening with the legendary AVERY BROOKS in Harlem!
Venue: ( National Black Theatre, Inc.)
National Black Theatre, Inc.
Producer: ( National Black Theatre, Inc.)
National Black Theatre, Inc.
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Take advantage of this one night only rare concert with the eloquent and captivating Avery Brooks. The internationally renown Avery Brooks is an accomplished actor, director, musician and educator whose three decades career encompasses stage, television and film.

"Hodie" and "Fantasia on Christmas Carols", Ralph Vaughan Williams
Wonderful and exuberant Christmas pieces from 20th Century composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, accompanied by full orchestra.
Venue: ( Church of the Heavenly Rest)
Church of the Heavenly Rest
Producer: ( Canterbury Choral Society, Charles Dodsley Walker, Conductor)
Canterbury Choral Society, Charles Dodsley Walker, Conductor
City: NYC

Additional Notes:
These two pieces, though composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams more than forty years apart, are often presented together. Fantasia on Christmas Carols was written in 1912, and is a short work based on English folk carols. Hodie was his last major composition for chorus and orchestra, and is a Christmas cantata, written in 1954, opening with ebullient brass and repeating choral proclamations of Nowell.

11th New York City Downtown Short Film Festival: Audience Choice Screenings
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 through Saturday, December 13, 2014
Join us December 10-11-12, 2014 in choosing which films will be screened at the 11th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival in June 2015. There is nothing else that rivals getting together with a group of strangers in a darkened space to experience the magic of film making. We screen vote...the top vote getters are screened at the Festival. A fun evening out for $ can't go wrong. At our Audience Choice screenings you will watch four to five short movies each night and will be given a ballot to rate each film. The highest rated films will be asked to be screened at our 11th Festival June, 2015.
Venue: ( Duo Theatre)
Duo Theatre
Producer: ( DMAC)
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Wednesday December 10 8PM
Shotgun Directed by: Marcus Henderson (Gay and Lesbian) USA Shotgun is a project that explores how young black men deal with their feelings. What are the impacts that it may have on how they come to define themselves and their relationships.
Lady of the Night Directed by: Laurent Boileau (Gay and Lesbian) France The annual dinner commemorating the death of Cornelius, revives Samuel's memories. He was 20 years old when he discovered is attraction to Cornelius. Tormented by regret and misunderstood by all, he never revealed his homosexuality to Cornelius's family, whom he had invited that evening.
My Personal Art History Directed by Neil Needleman (Gay and Lesbian) USA A poignant and pithy love story. Or perhaps I should call it a love-in-waiting story.
Baby Steps Directed by: Tomer Sinai (Gay and Lesbian) USA The story of recent college graduate, Jack Lerner, who is preparing for his dream-job interview, deciding whether to unveil his professional experience, at the risk of exposing a personal secret.
Swadhisthana Directed by: Joel Mahr (Gay and Lesbian) USA The carnal and creative expertise of a mother and father are boldly put to the test when they attempt to enlighten their teenage children on matters of adult education after unwittingly discovering that their son is gay.

Thursday December 11 8PM
I Am Here Directed by: David Holmes (Drama) USA On a journey through a heightened world, a lone man awakes after death and tunes into a new sound, a familiar poetry that seems to beckon him forward.
Employees Must Wash Hands Directed by: Kahlil Maskati (Comedy) Elmer tries to kill himself in a bathroom, but is interrupted by a guy trapped behind a stall without toilet paper.
Dog Days Gone Directed by: Yi Zhang (Drama) USA A thief is returning all the wallet he ever stole in order to trying save his mother.
Love Out of Mind Directed by: Aaron Fisher (New York City Film) 'Love Out of Mind' follows the story of a young man with bipolar disorder who struggles to enter into a relationship but is afraid of getting hurt.
Art's Sake Directed by: Adam Turkel (Comedy) USA A pseudo-intellectual boy named Art becomes entangled with Russian spies when he mistakes a blank canvas for a work of art.

Friday December 12 8PM
Gun Control Directed by Vanessa Campos (Comedy) USA Set in an interrogation room. An officer is interviewing a man who has been accused of killing twenty-two or twenty three people.
Love Less Naked Directed by: Michael Mirabella (Comedy) USA In this balls-to-the-wall parody of romance a boy, Bert Zeke, is thrust into a desperate situation where he must tame his bowls before he can profess his love to Dorothy Garland.
Resilience for Veterans I, II, III Directed by: Brook Peters (Drama) USA Resilience for Veterans I, II, III: a short film trilogy crossing eras and conflicts.
Suddenly Directed by Merav Elbaz Belschner (Comedy) USA When a desperate, reclusive Writer is confronted with reality only the gun can help him overcome his creative block.
A Poet Long Ago Directed by: Bob Giraldi (New York City Films) USA 'A Poet Long Ago' stars Steve Schirripa as SONNY and Boris McGiver as MALLOY. In the present day, SONNY, a sanitation worker, and MALLOY, a newspaper man, meet by chance and reminisce about their grammar school days together back in 1970s Brooklyn.

A Hard Rain
A moving, colorful drama -The Stage
Venue: ( Theater For the New City)
Theater For the New City
Producer: ( Theater for the New City)
Theater for the New City
City: New York

Additional Notes:
“A Hard Rain” Explores the causes and effects of repression and marginalization.Mafia run bars, police corruption and virulent homophobia come under the spotlight in Jon Bradfield and Martin Hoopers poignant exploration of the circumstances leading up to the 1969 Stonewall riots, and the birth of the modern gay liberation movement.The drama is set not in the infamous Stonewall Inn, but a neighboring, Mafia run joint – a pressure cooker of desire, anger and thwarted hope. As the lid is whipped off were thrown into a subculture that is finally demanding recognition. Being underground is no longer enough as the characters struggle to find new ways to negotiate intimacy and ideas of community.Its always nice to see important historical events brought to life on stage but it can be hard to get the balance right between demonstrating your point and over loading the audience with information that they dont particularly want to know.A Hard Rain is well performed, well staged and laced with humor that perfectly balances out the serious subject matter, A Hard Rain is a fun night out that inadvertently teaches you about one of the most important gay rights movement this century has seen.Impactful, without being overly preachy or grave, the play celebrates the modern roots of queer culture without sidestepping the personal struggles and conflicts within it. In fact, it shows just how integral those conflicts were, and still are, to ushering in change and social progress. It brings the difficulties of personal tragedies and social prejudices to life and does something remarkable, by showing the strength and resilience of the humanspirit through these wonderfully unapologetic, vibrant characters.Against a backdrop of Mafia-funded illegal gay bars, homophobic laws and policecorruption, the habitual of the Stonewall Inn suddenly refused to accept another police raid and fought back. The Stonewall riots of 1969 marked the beginning of the gay liberation in the USA.

An Evening with Manuel Barrueco
Special concert by renowned classical guitarist Manuel Barrueco
Venue: ( New York Society for Ethical Culture)
New York Society for Ethical Culture
Producer: ( New-York Historical Society)
New-York Historical Society
City: New York

Additional Notes:


Join us for an evening of breathtaking music with internationally-renowned classical guitarist Manuel Barrueco, as we celebrate the music of the Spanish-speaking world. The performance will include music by composers Astor Piazzolla, Joaquin Malats, Isaac Albéniz, and Francisco Tárrega.

Manuel Barrueco, a native of Cuba, is a celebrated, Grammy Award-nominated classical guitarist, recognized as one of the most important guitarists of our time. He has toured internationally for more than 30 years, performing at some of the most important musical centers in the world, including Lincoln Center, Teatro Real (Madrid), and the Royal Albert Hall. He has also appeared as a guest soloist with prestigious orchestras such as the Boston Symphony with Seiji Ozawa, the Russian State Symphony, and Royal Philharmonic.

Apartment 213
Surprising and dynamic...(Apartment 213) leaves its audience in a disturbed but somehow fascinating funk. City Paper Baltimore

Join us for a post-show opening night reception on July 20 honoring Lee Breuer, internationally acclaimed director, writer, and founder of Mabou Mines.
Venue: ( Mabou Mines)
Mabou Mines
Producer: ( Towson University MFA in Theatre)
Towson University MFA in Theatre
City: NYC

Additional Notes:
In the summer of 1991, a hideous killing spree ended with the arrest and conviction of a reclusive Milwaukee chocolate factory worker. Apartment 213 takes us into this infamous home via a dream-like world, where time and space have no boundaries. A world where light, sound, video, dance, song, and text collide to propel us inside the thoughts and emotions of a so-called monster. Apartment 213 was the recipient of a development fellowship at the prestigious WordBRIDGE Playwrights Lab, June 2010. The premiere, co-produced by Iron Crow Theatre Company, was voted one of the Top 10 productions of the Baltimore Professional Theatre Season by Baltimore City Paper.

April Bird Walks
Spring Migration walks in the Ramble with Alan Messer
Venue: ( New-York Historical Society)
New-York Historical Society
Producer: ( New-York Historical Society)
New-York Historical Society
City: New York

Additional Notes:

In the heart of New York City's bustling metropolis, Central Park's 36-acre Ramble is a bird watcher's paradise, where more than 270 species have been spotted in a single year. With New York being located along one of North America's busiest migratory routes, the spring months are an ideal time to spot the city's avian visitors on their trip north.

Journey with wildlife artist and illustrator Alan Messer to some of the most magical places in Central Park's wooded Ramble, discovering along the way both resident and migrating birds. Walks are limited to 35 guests per tour.

During the April walks through Central Park's Ramble, we will search for resident, late winter, and early migrants, including common birds at feeders. Chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, finches, and sparrows may be seen at this time.

Alan Messer is a wildlife artist and illustrator of books, field guides, and periodicals. He is a former president of the Linnaean Society of New York. Mr. Messer's illustrations are included in the exhibition, Focus on Nature XI, on view at The New York Museum, Albany, New York from April 12 through October 31, 2010. His paintings may be viewed at

Baby Wants Candy
Friday, November 07, 2014 through Saturday, November 08, 2014
"Critics' Pick! Truly Amazing!"- The New York Times
Venue: ( Barrow Street Theatre)
Barrow Street Theatre
Producer: ( Barrow Street Theatre)
Barrow Street Theatre
City: New York

Additional Notes:
Baby Wants Candy (BWC) asks the audience for a title of a musical that has never been performed before. The first title they hear then becomes the title and basis for that evening's 60 minute completely improvised musical. BWC is accompanied by a full band. BWC was founded in Chicago in 1997, and has performed over 2,000 completely improvised musicals to sold-out crowds from Singapore to Edinburgh.

Barbarians at the Gate

Venue: ( American Theatre of Actors)
American Theatre of Actors
Producer: ( American Theatre of Actors, Inc.)
American Theatre of Actors, Inc.
City: New York

Additional Notes:
A play about a family having to deal with a stroke of a father who owns a junk yard. Whether to let him run the yard from a wheelchair or force him to retire. He thinks he is capable.

bee test2 feb 4
Venue: ( bee yard)
bee yard
Producer: ( john meek)
john meek
City: Oak ridge

Additional Notes:

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