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An addictive fire of passion, love triangle and tragedy.
Venue: ( Hostos Ctr. Arts and Culture)
Hostos Ctr. Arts and Culture
Producer: ( Ajkun Ballet Theatre)
Ajkun Ballet Theatre
City: Bronx

Additional Notes:
Unmatched for passion, jealousy, and a love triangle turned into crime of passion, Carmen is set to Bizets stirring music, blazed by the dramatic voice of “La Divina” Maria Callas, and groundbreaking in its realism.Chiara Ajkuns choreography portrays Carmen as a leader of change for womens free choices. Set apart by her taunting beauty, Carmen lays eyes on Don Josè. Explosive sparks follow, and the ultimate romance of love and passion keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.“[Ajkuns] Carmen is superb…an outstanding success…[her choreography is] a masterly application in technique…wonderfullymore elaborate buildings up and much finer characterization of the various personalities”London Times - Maria Ghirlando

 Mixed Bill
Dance, All the way, Across the Styles
Venue: ( Mark Morris Dance Center)
Mark Morris Dance Center
Producer: ( Ajkun Ballet Theatre)
Ajkun Ballet Theatre
City: Brooklyn

Additional Notes:
Our selection of Classics and Contemporary Creations is presented in the intimacy of our Studio settings for the “Face to Face Series” and affords the audience a close-up to the performers and the opportunity to speak with Artistic Director Chiara Ajkun and the Ajkun Ballet Theatre Dancers following the performance.The program interlaces excerpts from Carmen and Contemporary Dance providing unrivaled entertainment to the worldly and the first-time theatergoers, alike. All proceeds of this Event benefit Stars of the World a program designed to support Dance Education for extraordinarily gifted Young Dancers.

 New Chamber Ballet Season Finale
New ballets to live music in an informal setting.
Venue: ( City Center Studios)
City Center Studios
Producer: ( New Chamber Ballet)
New Chamber Ballet
City: NYC

Additional Notes:

New Chamber Ballet concludes its 2016/17 season with a program of five ballets by Miro Magloire with live music on violin and piano:


The World Premiere of a new solo to John Cage's Cheap Imitation for violin.


The premiere of the completed version of Mozart, a quartet to Mozart's violin sonata in C Major.


Voicelessness, a duet to piano music by Beat Furrer. A cool and dispassionate examination of shapes, full of complex lifts... it had a hypnotic fascination. (Mary Cargill, Dance View Times)


Leise, Leise, to Luciano Berio's Encores for solo piano. A Chekhovian family portrait: The relationships between the three women are subtle and are unresolved as the piece ends quietly. (Philip Gardner, Oberon's Grove)


Friction, a dramatic duet to Richard Carrick's In Flow for solo violin. The dance draws on motifs of friction from the dancers' feet upon the floor, from the dancers' body contact with one another, and from the application of bow to strings of [the] violin. (Philip Gardner, Oberon's Grove)


Performers include Sarah Atkins, Elizabeth Brown, Kristine Butler, Traci Finch, and Amber Neff. The music will be played live by Doori Na (violin) and Melody Fader (piano).


It's heartening to see work so focused on the meeting of dance and music. -Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times


Mozart was commissioned by Ed Petrou in memory of Rachel Petrou. Friction was commissioned by the Center for Faith and Work, New York City, through an artist residency.

Martita Goshen's connection to the indigenous people and their deeply rooted connection to the natural world shapes her mysticism and choreography that is luminous, organic, and fluid.
Venue: ( Paul Taylor Dance Studio)
Paul Taylor Dance Studio
Producer: ( Martita Goshen's Earthworks, Turtles, Inc.)
Martita Goshen's Earthworks, Turtles, Inc.
City: New York

Additional Notes: (Review of Turning Home, April 2013)

 The Lion King
Watch The Lion King come to Life!
Venue: ( Holiday Inn)
Holiday Inn
Producer: ( Studio X)
Studio X
City: Minot

Additional Notes:
Over 80 kids from the ages of 2-18 will bring the show, The Lion King, to life under the direction of the amazingly talented Joshua Wise through acting, singing, and dance. Professional sound and lighting will also have a large part in the show! This is a show that you won't want to miss!!!

5 records found