SmartTix offers so much more than online ticketing. Tickets for your event can be purchased through our friendly phone center, through our website and at your venue. SmartTix has been a leader and innovator in mid-sized event ticketing since our inception well over ten years ago.

Event ticking is a service business and we understand that in everything we do. The advantage of our full service solution is that your patrons will receive consistent centralized information and courteous treatment, and you will have a consolidated mission-control for your event ticketing.

Whether the order was placed with one of our call center staff, through the website or at your own ticket window, the information is entered into our system centralized and available to you 24/7 through the web-based account manager. It's a simple way to view patrons, sales and all other information about your Event.



SmartTix has an intuitive set of web-based account management tools to ensure the business side of your event runs flawlessly. From setting up a new event, to tweaking discount codes, to entering house holds, comps & VIPs, it’s all here and all easy to use.



Clients love our reporting tools. View sales by date, by range, by performance, by discount code; compare sales across weeks to find trends; print out copies of your settlement; view who’s coming tonight or who came last week. If we don’t already have a report you need, we’ll customize one for you. Be careful, our reports can be addictive.



Even in today’s Internet age, many customers prefer to purchase over the phone, which is why we have invested in a professional, courteous phone staff who take pride in representing your event and treating your attendees with as much care as you would.



For venues who need even more control, who sell multiple events, we offer a dedicated application designed to be used at your Box Office. The console allows your Box Office Manager a powerful real-time tool for entering orders, printing tickets, processing walk-up transactions with multiple payment methods.



We offer a variety of marketing services to help increase your sales. Our clients' favorites include, eBlasts, homepage advertising, confirmation email advertising, and more. And our ticketing clients save even more, as we can offer discounted rates on eBlast and third party ads. Our marketing tools are available at a discounted rate to our ticketing clients. Not only are our eBlasts a proven cost effective method to boost sales, our media partnerships save you money on mass market advertising. We currently offer substantial discounts on print and radio ads.



Below is our standard fee structure for general admission events. Discounted rates apply for high volume clients. Please contact us for a quote.
Service Charge $0.99 plus 3% You decide how much of this pass on to the patron or how much to pay yourself.
Credit Card Fee 3% Use your merchant account or ours. When you use ours we charge a fee of 3% which you may absorb or pass on to the ticket buyer.
FREE Tickets/Reservations have no service fee. If your ticket price is zero, there is no service fee to you or your patrons when your patrons order on line. We charge them a $3.00 fee if they order via the phone center.


Our system is so user-friendly we don't need to charge a set up fee for general admission events. Assigned seating events may be charge a programming fee based on the size of your house if we do not have a seating chart in our system for your venue. Please contact us for a quote.



We pay you fast at the beginning of each performance week for the prior performance week's sales.



SmartTix has been a leader and innovator in event ticketing for well over 10 years. We know what we are doing, do it well, and at reasonable prices. Our solutions are Simple, Powerful, and Proven. Get started now and start selling tickets today.


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